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Reddi-Crate laminated paperboard transport boxes provide superior beam strength and crush resistance for maximum product protection.
Reddi-crate on a forklift


Superior strength offers protection throughout shipping and handling


Excellent replacement for traditional flat products and wooden crates


Available with protective coatings for moisture resistance and corrosion protection


Manufactured with 100% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable

Reddi-Crate Laminated Paper Packaging

Prevent product damage that can occur during shipping and handling. With a smooth surface and interior that is non-abrasive to products, it can be used inside or outside a carton for product unitization and edge protection or helps to provide additional beam strength.

Features and Benefits

  • Simplifies use
    Reddi-Crate paperboard packaging preformed profiles and two end closures form a shipping container that provides superior strength and protection throughout the transportation cycle.
  • Application flexibility
    Unlike traditional flat products, Reddi-Crate paperboard packaging provides maximum product protection for a wide range of products. It can be treated with protective coatings to provide moisture resistance and corrosion protection for those products exposed to humidity, condensation and other environmental conditions.
  • Product marketing
    Reddi-Crate paperboard packaging can be printed, allowing for branding, product identification and point-of-sale merchandising.
Reddi-crate package with copper

Technical Specifications

A - Leg Height
Available from 25-203 mm (1-8 in)
B - Base Width
Available from 19.05-305 mm (.750-12 in)
C - Caliper
Available from 1.5-13 mm (.060-.500 in)
D - Length
Available up to 16 m (53 ft)
Reddi-crate specs

A Smaller Solution - Unicrates (Only EMEA)

If the Reddi-Crate is too large for your packaging needs, Unicrates are a great option. Long lengths of u-profile with notch cuts to allow the product to fold over to create a crate

Unicrates are top loaded which saves packing / despatch time over tubes and wrapping. The square profile also means there is no movement in transport.

Made from 100% recyclable materials and can be printed with your custom company details on brown or white backgrounds. 


Solution Group

  • Products
  • Services
  • Integration
  • Automation
  • pack
  • bundle
  • unitize
  • warehouse
  • transport