Corrugated Packaging

Signode provides a variety of custom corrugated solutions to cater for a variety of industry needs from Solar, Glass, Auto, Ceramics and many more. View our product range below to learn more about our solutions, all of which we can customize to meet your required business needs.  

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Corrupad uses a specialized manufacturing process creating angle, channel and flat pads that provide stacking strength, cushioning and shock absorbency.

Multi-Wall™ Build-Up Pads

Build-Up pads provide cushioning, crush resistance and void fill protection.


SUS-RAP products are manufactured with a unique suspension solution that firmly suspends products to cushion them from shocks, providing optimal protection for a comprehensive line of products.

Corrugated Packaging Products for Every Industry

Signode corrugated packaging products are a 100% custom and 100% recyclable, cost-effective alternative to foams and plastics. Suitable for use in a variety of industries, each of our corrugated protective packaging products excel in specific use-cases and can be designed in combination by our package engineering team to precisely fit your product for maximum product protection.

Signode Corrugated Build Up Pads are available with many options designed to protect your products from load shocks, environmental factors as well as adding strength to products when needed. 

Sus-rap corrugated packaging

Flat Pads corrugated packaging

Sustainable Packaging

Does your company have sustainability goals related to your industrial packaging consumption? We can help. Our corrugated protective products are 100% recyclable and adhere to REACH, RoHS, and Cal Prop 65 sustainability requirements.

Corrugated solutions, a cost effective packaging solution which improve stacking strength via our corrugated board. Choose a sustainable packaging product from Signode which is custom made to your requirements for you. 

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Custom Shipping Boxes

Do you require a highly durable shipping crate for long and uniquely shaped products?

Signode laminated paperboard products provides multiple options in the form of industrial shipping crates. We have products designed to protect three sides, curved products as well as transport boxes with different specifications based on your products needs.    

Reddi-Crate Corrugated Packaging