Paper Pallets

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Paper Pallets are 100% recyclable, lightweight, durable and made from honeycomb and corrugated material to handle heavy load volume.
Paper pallet

Material Costs

Highly durable design with lightweight paper properties reduces freight costs


Made from naturally sanitary materials exempt from ISPM-15 certification


Made from renewable resources and recycled fiber and is 100% recyclable


Designed and engineered to fit your product’s needs in a variety of sizes and markets

Paper pallets Custom Engineered Solutions

Paper pallets, manufactured using corrugated, honeycomb or a combination of both, are ideal for one-way shipping applications. Customizable to a variety of sizes and styles, paper pallets are nearly 75% lighter than wood or plastic, making them a durable, yet cost-effective solution for shipping products.

Features and Benefits

  • Easier to handle
    Unlike wood pallets, paper pallets are free from splinters and don’t use nails in their construction, making them easier to handle in the warehouse and during the distribution cycle.
  • More cost-effective
    From its lighter weight, environmentally friendly, unique design and the ability for one-way shipping, paper pallets are more cost effective than wood or other pallet systems.
  • Specialty shapes and sizes
    Paper pallets are designed to fit loads which do not conform well to standard pallet sizes and shapes. They are customized using different components, pads, pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) and unique die-cuts.

Paper Pallet Options

  • 2-way
    Designed to be used for applications where forklift entry is only necessary from either side, 2-way pallets are a durable and less expensive option than customized options.
  • 4-way
    An economical alternative to custom pallets, 4-way pallets allow maximum flexibility within a distribution or storage environment and provide for better utilization in transit.
  • Hybrid
    Made from corrugated and honeycomb, hybrid pallets provide rigidity and stability for heavy loads.
  • Honeycomb
    With customization possibilities, honeycomb pallets provide durability for any application.
  • Corrugated
    Excellent for heavy loads, corrugated pallets hold up well in rigorous shipping and warehouse environments.
  • Round
    Designed for round and cylindrical applications, round pallets are ideal for items like fabric that need to ship on end.
  • Low Profile
    Shorter and lighter than standard pallets, low profile pallets can support heavy loads, but enable more product to be shipped with less storage space.
  • Specialty
    Designed to fit loads that do not conform to standard pallet sizes and shapes, specialty pallets use a variety of components to create an optimal shipping solution.

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