Foam Packaging

Signode manufactures PDM™ custom foam packaging solutions, all of our foam packaging options are custom designed for a variety of industries. We provide packaging manufactured out of Polyurethane, Polyethylene, Expanded Polypropylene and Expanded Polystyrene. 

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PDM™ Assembled and Molded Foams

Signode’s PDM branded interior foam protective packaging assemblies and molds are custom engineered utilizing a variety of foams and corrugated materials.

PDM™ Fabricated Foam

These fabricated foam options are custom designed for a variety of industry applications such as, automotive, pharmaceuticals, glass and many more.

PDM™ Molded Polyurethane Foam

PDM Moulded Polyurethane Foam is custom-designed and cushions and protects your products during the shipping cycle.

Custom Foam Packaging

Signode engineers fully customizable packaging from a variety of foam options, thoughtfully considered to provide maximum protection for a variety of product applications and shipping modes. Our team will design a unique foam product for your business based on the needs of your product. Leave it to us; from start to finish, our team of experienced packaging engineers can suggest a foam, and method of fabrication to suit your needs and budget. Need 3D models or mock ups? No problem; we work in Solidworks and other design suites to make transitioning your packaging a breeze.

Polyurethane Foam Packaging

Protect your products during shipping, keep your product in place during heavy shifts and the rigors of transportation. Designed for reuse so you can get more use from Signode foam packaging minimising the requirement for other packaging materials and costs. 

Signode fabricates and molds foam inserts to precisely fit the product it will be protecting. Lightweight and durable, Signode foam provides ultimate product protection and is suitable for electronics, automotive, aerospace, healthcare, and other industries where precision and protection are a paramount.

Polyurethane foam packaging

Molded Foam

Molded Foam

Signode molds foam into specific shapes and sizes to securely hold and protect items during storage and transit. Signode molded foam inserts are custom-designed to fit the exact dimensions and contours of the items they are intended to protect. This provides a snug and secure fit, meaning that the items are cushioned and insulated from shocks, vibrations, and other potential sources of damage during transportation.

Used for sensitive items including electronics, glassware, and precision instruments. Molded foam helps maintain your product properties providing excellent shock absorption and vibration dampening properties.

Fabricated Foam

Signode fabricated foam products are manufactured from Polyethylene, Expanded Polypropylene as well as Expanded Polystyrene. Each material is used to make foam solutions to order based on your requirements. 

Foam packaging, with its high load bearing characteristics, helps reduce packaging costs by using less material and elasticity to absorb repeated impact, keeping delicate products safe during shock and vibration experienced during transit.

Fabricated Foam

Foam Packaging

Custom Foam Packaging from Signode

Get in touch with the Signode team to find how your products can benefit from foam packaging solutions. We provide exceptional packaging solutions for all types of industries and applications from a prototype development project, or a high volume application. We can typically provide prototype samples and quotes within 2-3 days, with average lead times of 3-5 days.