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Signode manufactures a variety of custom protective packaging, designed specifically around your product and shipping requirements. Our packaging engineers have experience with corrugated products, honeycomb, foam, and a host of other material options to engineer packaging that is both protective and cost-effective. Contact us to discuss your challenge, provide a sample of your product (or design drawings) and let's get to work!

Designing Packaging For You

Do you need a unique way to package, bundle, store, and transport your product when regular packaging isn't sufficient? Signode can help you create "off-the-shelf" custom packaging solution using various materials that best fit your product. Our team will review, design and prepare a prototype for you to test the packaging solution.

Our goal is to provide an effective and affordable solution, and to maintain relationships through excellent service and responsiveness to become your one-stop-shop for custom protective packaging. Discover how our team solves complex packaging problems today.

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Design Lab for Protective Packaging

Custom Packaging Materials

At Signode, one thing that makes us unique is the breadth of materials our designers have to work with. As the direct manufacturer, we have access and experience designing combination packaging that takes the best from each product family to create an effective and affordable final package.

Paper Based Packaging

Paper Packaging


Corrugated Materials for Packaging

Polyurethane Foam

foam packaging

Protective Packaging Protecting Products During Shipping

What do you need to protect?

Signode will work with you to understand the product, business need and packaging requirements. No matter what industry we will find the best method to protect your products during all stages of the packaging life cycle. Signode can provide full end-of-line packaging solutions including wrapping, strapping and automation solutions in addition to our protective offerings, strengthen your packaging solutions with Signode.

Foam Protective Packaging