Industrial Shipping Crates

Signode provides laminated paperboard transport boxes to provide superior strength for longer packaging applications. Signode also provides U-shaped channel protection for 3-sided edge protection. Both products are manufactured from 100% recyclable plies of laminated paperboard.

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Qwik-Crate laminated paperboard provides all the same benefits of Reddi-Crate® paperboard, with patented paperboard caps built-in to reduce labor cost and SKU’s on the floor.


Reddi-Bend laminated paperboard has a U channel with a radial design that easily wraps around curves and corners, providing 3-sided edge protection for irregular shaped products.


Reddi-Crate laminated paperboard transport boxes provide superior beam strength and crush resistance for maximum product protection.


Reddi-Flex laminated paper packaging is U-Board scored down the centerline allow nesting. It’s patented design maximizes shipping efficiency to reduce freight costs.


U-Board paper packaging is made from multiple plies of paperboard laminated together and formed into a u-shaped channel. Used for 3-sided product protection, it protects products from damage that can occur during transit.

Laminated Paperboard Shipping Crates

Reddi-Crate™ industrial paper shipping crates provide a sustainable shipping option, bringing both the strength and crush resistance of laminated paperboard to provide maximum product protection and shipping efficiency. Paper Crates are 100% recyclable and easier to dispose of than wooden crates. Signode manufactures shipping crates to your exact custom specifications for a vast array of products, including windows and doors, patio and garage door framing applications, metals for aerospace, automotive, and industrial segments, and many more.

Laminated paper packaging is a versatile product which can be treated with protective coatings to provide moisture resistance and corrosion protection for those products exposed to humidity, condensation and other environmental conditions; depending on the product you need to protect our team can support you to find the best protection with personal branding allowing for product identification and point-of-sale merchandising.


Sustainable Packaging Solution

Manufactured from laminated paperboard, our sustainable shipping crates are 100% recyclable and manufactured from recyclable materials. We put sustainability first, making sure our custom solutions are produced from highly sustainable materials. 

Packaging sustainability is something Signode values, as we innovate our solutions we look to provide eco friendly solutions. Discover how Signode custom packaging solutions can support your business. 

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