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Regional Availability

Asia Pacific
U-Board paper packaging is made from multiple plies of paperboard laminated together and formed into a u-shaped channel. Used for 3-sided product protection, it protects products from damage that can occur during transit.
U-board wrapped around a window


Prevents product damage throughout the transportation cycle


Optional protective coatings for different product applications


Eliminates pre-bending to save time during pack-out process


Manufactured with recycled materials and is 100% recyclable

U-Board Laminated Paper Packaging

U-Board laminated paper packaging provides superior edge protection to prevent product damage that can occur during transit and handling. With a smooth surface and an interior that is non-abrasive, it can be used inside or outside of a carton for product unitization and stabilization as well as provide additional beam strength to provide product stability and stacking strength.

Features and Benefits

  • Streamlines use
    U-Board laminated paper packaging’s rigid u-channel construction eliminates any added assembly time, creating a simple, yet durable and more efficient way to protect products.
  • Application flexibility
    The paperboard can be tailored to individual product packaging requirements, providing package durability throughout the transportation cycle.
  • Enables branding
    It can be custom printed, enabling branding, product identification and point-of-sale merchandising.

Technical Specifications

A - Leg HeightAvailable from:
  •  25-203 mm (1-8 in)
  • Varies depending on base size*
B - Base WidthAvailable from:
  • 19.05-305 mm (.750-12 in)
  • 20 mm *
C - CaliperAvailable from:
  •  1.5-13 mm (.060-.500 in)
  • 2 - 3 mm *
D - LengthAvailable up:
  • to 16 m (53 ft)
  • 50 - 6000 mm *

*EMEA Specifications 

U-Board Lighting Package Protection

Handle U-Board Paperboard Packaging

Handle U-Board paperboard packaging's built-in handles create an effective way to move products from one location to another. Its preformed, mitered construction protects corners and eliminates any additional assembly time, creating a durable, more efficient way to protect your products.

It has a smooth surface and interior that is non-abrasive, making it ideal for a variety of applications. It can be treated with a variety of protective coatings that offer moisture resistance and corrosion protection. Color printing is also available for product identification and point-of-sale merchandising.

*Not available in EMEA Region

Handle U-Board
U-Profile Corners

U-Board Corners (U-Profile Corners

Created by making a notch cut into the standard U-Board lengths allows a profile to be folded into a 90 degree angle. Great for doors, worktops and desks as well as more, this variant of U-Board protects the wider corner of the product. This product supports with clipping the product in place of the packaging. Made from 100% paper and environmentally friendly glue, this product is 100% recyclable. 

Alternate Trade Names

U-Profile / U-Channel

(Available in EMEA)


Solution Group

  • Products
  • Services
  • Integration
  • Automation
  • pack
  • bundle
  • unitize
  • warehouse
  • transport