Edge Protection

High quality paperboard products designed to protect corners and the edge of your products during transport and storage. 

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Angleboard® / Anglewrap®

Angleboard and Anglewrap laminated paperboard corner protectors provide sustainable product and pallet protection for a variety of markets and applications.


APXboard laminated paperboard is made of multiple plies of recycled paper formed into a rigid right angle. Ideal for unitization and protection of edges.

Brick-Edge / Blade Runner

Brick/Block polyethylene edge and side protection enhances load stability and improves brick alignment. Designed to withstand outdoor weather conditions during storage and shipping.

OD/ID Protector (Plastic)

Polyethylene protection for paper and steel coils, coil edge protectors contour to the circumference of the coil protecting edges from strap damage.


Cornerboard edge protection is a high-strength, moisture-resistant corner protector made of recycled paper and plastic making it ideal for products that are exposed to the elements and shipped on flat bed trucks, stored outdoors, or exposed to high humidity.


Co-mingled paper, plastic corner post and edge protector with no paper outer wrap. Perfect when you need stronger protection or protection in high moisture environments.

EdgeMaster™ Edge Protection

Helps unitize and reinforce your pallet load.


Formaboard™ is lightweight, and water/moisture resistant paper protection, ideal for transporting refrigerated/frozen foods.

Jumbo Corner™

Jumbo Corner laminated edge protectors are strong, and provide superior edge and corner protection for bulky unitized skids, or large products.

OD/ID Protector (Laminated Paper)

Inner and outer diameter protectors contour to the circumference of metal coils protecting the inside and outside edges from damage during shipping and handling.

Perforated Angleboard®

Perforated paper protection that snaps apart to the ideal length.

Replastec Coil Separators

Replastec Coil Separators are made up of rigid and flexible layers used to prevent damage to stacked metal coils.

Roll Edge Guard

Roll edge guard provides protection to cylindrical products for light protection such as paper, wire, sheet, metal and cabling.

SB Series

SB Series, laminated paperboard made of multiple plies of recycled paper formed into a rigid right angle, with an innovative double-wrap providing a lower cost solution than traditional laminated products.

Single Face

Manufactured from recycled corrugated paper, Single Face corrugated paper is an economical protective packaging material used for both cushioning and wrapping applications.

Strap Edge Protectors

Laminated paper strap edge protectors to improve tension transmission of strapping and afford greater protection to the pallet or product from possible strapping damage.


U-Board paper packaging is made from multiple plies of paperboard laminated together and formed into a u-shaped channel. Used for 3-sided product protection, it protects products from damage that can occur during transit.

Discover the durability and reliability of our high-quality products, thoughtfully designed to stand the test of time. With a diverse range of offerings, including corner posts and edge boards, you have the freedom to choose from various sizes and colors, ensuring a perfect fit for your unique requirements. Require custom packaging for a industrial shipping crate, we can build custom packaging solutions to your requirements. 

At Signode, we take immense pride in being the home of the renowned protective packaging brand, Angleboard ®. As the exclusive producer of all Angleboard products, our commitment to excellence shines through in everything we offer.

Our comprehensive selection of products and services is tailored to cater to your specific needs. With a relentless focus on delivering the best possible solutions to our valued customers, we guarantee your cargo's safety and security. 

Let us help you safeguard your cargo with Signode protective corners and edges. Reach out to us today and unlock the full potential of our top-tier products and services, ensuring your valuable shipments are in safe hands.

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