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5FRM a fully automatic random case sealer with four flap closure ideal for box taping.
5FRM case sealer

Easy Integration

Simple to integrate into production lines, the 5FRM will speed up your packaging process

Uniform & Controlled

Controlled pressure on the cartons during box taping

Power Saving Enabled

With an automatic on/off feature power saving is made during machine idle time

Random Case Sealing

Automatic sealing of random size cartons in your production line

5FRM Fully Automatic Case Sealer

The 5FRM random case sealer with four flap closure provides the operator uniform and controlled pressure during the taping action. This product is available in two different models: Standard or Small, to suit your production line; Ideal for integration into a production line the 5FRM has independently controlled top and side drives to provide a smooth flow of cartons through the machine. The stable twin mast design provides greater stability during box taping action, equipped with three drives; Signode is focused on providing the best experience for machine operators providing the easy operation. 

Features and Benefits

  • Twin mast column for improved stability 
  • Machine will automatically adjust itself when using the varying carton sizes
  • Automatic sealing of random cartons
  • Optional addition of wire mesh safety guards 

Technical Specifications

Machine Specs
5FRM Standard
5FRM Small
Taping Head
Flexible 2"/2.5"/3"
Length (mm)
Width (mm)
Height (mm)
Weight (Kg)
Drive Motor
0.25 HP
Through put (carton /min)
Belt Speed18 m / minute 
Utility Requirement
6 Bar Pressure

Case Dimensions & Tape Requirements

5FRM Standard
5FRM Small
Tape Roll Length (m)
65 / 650 / 1000
Case Length (mm)
200 - 570
200 - 400
Case Width (mm)
170 - 450
130 - 320
Case Height (mm)
150 - 400
130 - 310
Case Weight (Kg)
7 - 40
Carton Ply
5 Only