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Comprehensive Support to Meet the Service Demands of Today and Tomorrow


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Packaging Plus Reliability Services is a solution-based approach designed to meet the current and future needs of Signode’s global customers. This results in customers successfully overcoming current challenges and strategically planning for future advancements.

Tiered Service Support

Packaging Plus offers maintenance schedules, safety inspections, training, 24/7 technical phone support, parts shipping, advanced retrofits, and upgrades. 

Leveraging new technologies and IoT advancements, the portfolio of service offerings under each tier are continuously enhanced with additional features and upgrades. 








Performance Analysis Report

Performance Analysis Report (PAR)

Identify needs and develop strategies for achieving higher equipment performance with Signode’s Performance Analysis Report (PAR).
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Comprised of more than 90 critical checkpoints that impact machine operation and uptime, Signode’s Performance Analysis Report (PAR) includes an overall assessment of equipment health, actionable data and specific recommendations to address concerns.
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Field Service Excellence

Our field service teams are direct Signode employees. They are equipped with the latest technology, tools, and training to stay safe, efficient, effective and engaged.  This provides them with optimal support so they can provide you with optimal service.

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Packaging Lab

Packaging Lab Testing and Consultation

Signode’s Packaging Lab replicates real-world transit conditions to optimize and validate packaging performance. As the industry’s marquee transit packaging testing facility, Signode’s Packaging Lab allows customers to test the resiliency and efficacy of different packaging protocols.

Signode’s Packaging Lab includes:

Random Vibration Simulation
Reproduces vertical vibration that packaged products experience during shipping and handling

Drop Test
Recreates conditions that may occur in handling a parcel during warehousing and delivery

Acceleration/ Deceleration Table
Determines the effectiveness of packaging in protecting a product during changes in velocity

Compression Testing
Simulates compression during secondary packaging, warehousing, and shipment 

Incline Impact Testing
Tests sudden horizontal impact often associated with railcar coupling and truck docking

Rough Handling Course
Determines the stability and durability of palletized loads when handled by a fork truck

We adhere to the top industry standards.

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