FTM 550

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The FTM 550 case sealer is an efficient twin mast taping machine.
FTM 550

Stable, Secure Operations

Twin mast and machine construction provides stable operation

Fast Taping Operations

Belt speed of 20 m / minute

Ideal for Uniform Taping

Due to top and bottom drive, this model is perfect for uniform box taping

Energy Saving Operations

With the auto on/off power saving module save energy in your plant

FTM 550 Case Sealing Machine

The FTM 550 is an efficient case packing machine focused on fitting into your packaging line with adjustable height and additional conveyer options at entry and exit for ease of use. A power saving taping machine with an automatic on/off power saver mode - improve your plants energy sustainably. This machine is equipped with self-centring guides for accurate centring of the box during the taping operation. Built with mechanisms to provide secure packaging the FTM 550 has an emergency stop, belt guards and an optional mesh wire guard; focused on providing a secure process for the machine operators. 

Features and Benefits

  • Inbuilt tool box - to provide an ease of maintenance 
  • Digital carton counter 
  • Uniform and controlled pressure during taping operation
  • Twin flap squeeze rollers to provide additional squeezing for perfect top alignment
  • Telescopic legs for machine height adjustment

Technical Specifications

Machine SpecificationFTM 550
Taping HeadStandard (2"/2.5"/3"), Flexible (2"/2.5")
Length (mm)1590 (with 0.5 m conveyor)
Width (mm)810
Height (mm)1570 
Weight (Kg)155
Drive Motor0.25 HP (2 Drives)
Belt Speed (m / minute)20 
Through put Belt Speed / (Carton length+280mm)

Case Dimensions & Tape Requirements

Item2 Inch2.5 Inch3 Inch
Tape Roll Length (m)
65 / 650 / 1000
Case Length (mm)
150 - Unlimited
Case Width (mm)
160 - 550
220 - 550
Case Height (mm)
120 - 550
150 - 550
170 - 550
Case Weight (Kg)
2 - 50
Carton Ply