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Signode has a vast array of protective packaging solutions, in France our protective portfolio can be found under the brand name Gunther Packaging. Signode's industrial packaging products aim to protect, secure, stabilise, cushion and reinforce loads. These protective packaging solutions can assist in all industries with applications for pallets, sensitive products as well as fragile materials. Providing an efficient mechanism to protect your products during transit.  

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European Products

All Gunther Packaging products are manufactured across the Gunther plants in France and shipped worldwide

Optimise Performance

All protective products are developed with a focus on enhancing your logistical operations

Cardboard Edge Protection

Experts in the field of protective packaging we have many years of experience with a focus on edge protection.

Customer Driven

Considering the human relationship first, the privileged relationship developed between you and our teams is one key of success

Sustainability Driven

Our products can be recycled! Packaging created with a focus of the world around us. Products of edge protection and derivative product contribute to recycling of industrial waste; we give another life to industrial waste destined for landfill. We are a player within the circular sustainable economy, the sub-products of other industries become the raw materials used by Signode (Gunther Packaging) thus preservation of natural resources. 

Circular Economy

Gunther Protectives

All Protective Needs

We aim to provide a vast range of protective products available for all protective needs. To protect, insulate, transport, reinforce and secure products during their product journey. We provide protective packaging to eliminate excess packaging, stabilise your loads protect edges as well as protect fragile equipment. We provide an effective response to the problems of storage and transport for fragile goods, providing optimum protection utilising the different products provided. Ultimately avoiding damage during packing, handling, storage and transport regardless of the load.  

Gunther Packaging Products

  • Angleboard and Anglewrap laminated paperboard corner protectors provide sustainable product and pallet protection for a variety of markets and applications.

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  • Cornerboard edge protection is a high-strength, moisture-resistant corner protector made of recycled paper and plastic making it ideal for products that are exposed to the elements and shipped on flat bed trucks, stored outdoors, or exposed to high humidity.

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  • Formaboard™ is lightweight, and water/moisture resistant paper protection, ideal for transporting refrigerated/frozen foods.

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  • Inner and outer diameter protectors contour to the circumference of metal coils protecting the inside and outside edges from damage during shipping and handling.

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  • Reddi-Crate laminated paperboard transport boxes provide superior beam strength and crush resistance for maximum product protection.

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  • Roll edge guard provides protection to cylindrical products for light protection such as paper, wire, sheet, metal and cabling.

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  • Reusable and recyclable, slip sheets offer a durable, space saving, pallet replacement. An excellent alternative to wood pallets.

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  • U-Board paper packaging is made from multiple plies of paperboard laminated together and formed into a u-shaped channel. Used for 3-sided product protection, it protects products from damage that can occur during transit.

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