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Signode has many case sealer machines to improve your packaging operations, both semi-automatic and automatic. Our Little David solutions are high quality case packaging machines; determine which product can best support your business. 

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This heavy duty, fully automatic top and bottom case sealer was engineered for applications involving large runs of boxes.


The LD-16AE Fully Automatic Random Case Sealer gives you the speed and flexibility you need. This machine seals the top and bottom of the case without the use of an operator.


The LD-16AR is an industrial grade, fully automatic, random, high performance case sealer. Operating at a high speed, this case sealer is capable of sealing a random assortment of box sizes without an operator.


The Little DavidĀ® LD-24 is an industrial grade, high performance case sealer. This heavy duty, fully automatic, top and bottom case sealer is optimal for large runs of the same size box.


This case sealer is designed to seal low profile and narrow case sizes and is unrivaled in its efficiency, easy-of-maintenance, and durability.


The LD-3SB is an operator fed, semi-automatic, uniform, industrial grade case sealer designed to top and bottom seal corrugated cases.


The LD-7 Case Sealer is an economical solution for businesses requiring a top and bottom case taper.

LDX-RTB 4.0 Series

A series of random case sealers to process void-filled and over stuffed cases.


Designed for food processing operations with a non-tubular, stainless steel design that can be easily sanitized to eliminate food borne pathogens. 


This fully welded, tubular steel, top and bottom drive case sealer is ideal for large runs of the same size cases, at high speeds. 

Legend R

The Legend Random is an operator fed, semi-automatic, random, industrial grade case sealer designed to top and bottom seal corrugated cases.

Legend U

State of the art top and bottom case taper for sealing cases effortlessly from 2.62" to 34" in height.


Semi-automatic case sealer with and an extended drive. Reduces repetitive motion and increases productivity.

Our machines are efficient, user-friendly, and versatile, handling various product sizes, shapes, weights, and materials. We offer a variety of top, bottom, and side sealers and tapers that can be configured to meet your specific needs. 

Signode machines also process void-filled and over-stuffed cases, and we offer solutions for multiple possible packaging use cases. Our semi-automatic box tapers are a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how our carton sealing tape equipment can be integrated into your production line to help you improve your packaging operations.

Automatic Box Sealers

Improve your packaging efficiency with Signode's cutting-edge selection of Automatic Carton Sealing machines. We design our machines to be efficient and convenient for users. They can handle various product sizes, shapes, weights, and materials.

Whether you run a small business or a large-scale enterprise, our solutions offer a superb improvement to your packaging line. Contact us now to improve your packaging operations with a Signode. Our products can make your processes more efficient and enhance your packaging efficiency.

Automatic Case Sealer

Semi automatic case sealer from Signode

Semi Automatic Case Sealers

Elevate your packaging efficiency. We design Signode machines with your full packaging line in mind. We design our machines to work well and be easy to use. You can use them with many different products, in different sizes, shapes, weights, and materials. They are great for many different uses.

Designed for all enterprises, our budget-friendly box sealer deliver the solution for your needs. Take the leap toward enhancing your packaging operations by contacting us today. Discover how our cutting-edge products can improve your methods and increase packaging effectiveness.

Signode Case Packaging Equipment

Contact Signode now to buy high-quality carton sealer equipment that will make your packaging process faster, more efficient, and secure.

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