Reddi for the Long Haul

Signode's Reddi-Pac laminated paper packaging systems provide a cost-effective, sustainable shipping solution that improves efficiency, reduces up front packaging costs and helps to eliminate shipping damage incurred during transit. Reddi-Crate® has become the packaging of choice for long, narrow and fragile products by companies all around the world. Reddi-Crate products replace wooden crates, corrugated fan-fold cartons and paper tubes and are made of multiple layers of paperboard that are laminated together and formed into U-shaped lengths. A finished package is formed by overlaying two of the U-Board units and sealing the ends with wood or paperboard plugs. The final shipping crate is lightweight, sap-and splinter-free, and available in lengths from two inches to 50 feet. 

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Custom Engineered

Knowledgeable account managers and in-house design team provide engineering and ISTA testing support

Maximum Product Protection

Pre-formed corners and multi-layer design provides superior beam strength to ensure maximum product protection

100% Curb-Side Recyclable (Highly Sustainable)

Reddi-Pac products are made of two ingredients, paper and non-toxic white glue. They are fully recyclable in any standard kraft recycling stream

Multiple Plants

Reddi-Pac products are produced in plants around the United States, and internationally, to provide competitive shipping rates wherever you do business

Superior Protective Packaging

Reddi-Pac laminated paper packaging's fixed corners and sturdy paperboard layers provide superior beam strength for maximum product protection and better package integrity. With preformed corners, Reddi-Pac products are easier to handle than traditional flat products and don’t require pre-bending or stapling during set up, saving time. Reddi-Pac products ship nested with solid corners, reducing shipping costs and requiring less floor space in the plant. 

Forklift lifting reddi-crate


Sustainable Material

Designed with sustainability in mind, Reddi-Pac laminated paper packaging solutions are made from 100% recycled paper and non-toxic PVA glue, and are 100% recyclable in standard kraft paper recycling streams.


  • Reddi-Crate laminated paperboard transport boxes provide superior beam strength and crush resistance for maximum product protection.

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  • Qwik-Crate laminated paperboard provides all the same benefits of Reddi-Crate® paperboard, with patented paperboard caps built-in to reduce labor cost and SKU’s on the floor.

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  • Reddi-Flex laminated paper packaging is U-Board scored down the centerline allow nesting. It’s patented design maximizes shipping efficiency to reduce freight costs.

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  • Jumbo Corner laminated edge protectors are strong, and provide superior edge and corner protection for bulky unitized skids, or large products.

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  • U-Board paper packaging is made from multiple plies of paperboard laminated together and formed into a u-shaped channel. Used for 3-sided product protection, it protects products from damage that can occur during transit.

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  • Reddi-Bend laminated paperboard has a U channel with a radial design that easily wraps around curves and corners, providing 3-sided edge protection for irregular shaped products.

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