Carton Stretch Wrapping Machine

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Carton Stretch Wrapping Machine an economical solution for your carton wrapping needs
Carton Stretch Wrapper

Carton Stretch Wrapping Machine

Signode Carton Stretch Wrapping Machine is easy to use and simple for operators. Quickly wrap your boxes with confidence. The castor wheel provides easy shop floor movement so the machine can be used anywhere inside the facility. 

The powered pre-stretch is up to 250%, powered motors and AC drives are highly reliable and there is a built in platform for film over lapping and all settings are controllable by the operator via an intuitive HMI system. A simple and effective box wrapping machine with built in HMI for simple control by operators. 

Machine and Turntable Specifications

SpecificationsCarton Stretch Wrapping Machine
Length (mm)1500
Width (mm)960
Height (mm)1900
Working Height (mm)650 
Weight (Kg)~ 450 
Turntable Diameter (mm)910
Turntable Speed Variable via meter
Direction of TurntableClockwise
Pneumatic Air Supply 6 Bar
Power SupplySingle Phase, 230 5%V, 50Hz
ControllerPLC with HMI

Load and Pre Stretch Specifications

SpecificationsLoad and Pre-Stretch
Load Length (mm)200 - 700
Load Width (mm)200 - 500
Load Height (mm)200 - 450
Load Weight (Kg)Up to 100
Stretch PercentageUp to 250%
Film Width (mm)250 - 500
Film Diameter 250 Dia (Max)
Film Thickness (micron)21 - 29
Film Core (mm)76
Core Diameter (mm)250

* Cartons need to be turned 90º for full wrapping