Introducing Our Innovative Solution: M410NE Notch Electric motor Head Strapping machine

Recently our customer, a North American Mill Builder was delighted to install Signode’s environment friendly solution for Strapping Hexagonal Tube bundle application. 

Our latest technology Electric motor head which is available for all M400 & M410 versions with Seal and Seal less Heads. Our design, addresses some of the challenges industry is experiencing.

Key Features of our M410NE
  1. Optimized Energy Consumption: Compared to pneumatic motor, electric motors reduce electricity consumption.
  2. Reduced Air Consumption: Replacement of Pneumatic motor significantly reduces Air consumption. Conventional stable air cylinder is however used for strapping operation.
  3. Clean work Environment: Doesn’t cause any air pollution which is generally caused by air mist.
  4. Efficient Startup & Silent operation: Eliminates the need to warmup and cooling at startup; is relatively silent compared to conventional models.
  5. Reduced cost of ownership: Consistent Strap feed enables fine adjustment of strap overlap resulting in steady performance & savings in strap consumption. 

Get in touch with us to learn more on how you can reduce your operating costs, without impacting the performance and having a cleaner working environment at your shop floor.

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