Dunnage airbags - essential for securing cargo during transit

Dunnage airbags are essential for securing cargo during transit, preventing damage by filling voids and stabilizing loads. Their versatility makes them indispensable across various industries.

We have recently shown that Stopak (A Signode Brand) airbags, which are made in India can arrest damages to sensitive products like beverage cans to eliminating wood while exporting Steel coils.
Our customers have firsthand experienced how the use of Dunnage Airbags have prevented shifting and toppling of boxes and crates of Beverages, while maintaining the integrity of the products and reducing spoilage.

We have also helped our Steel customer eliminate the usage of wood for container choking by using Stopak airbags for void filling.


Overall, our airbags offer a cost-effective and efficient solution for protecting a wide range of products across multiple industries, ensuring safe and secure transit.

Contact our team of experts on how we can optimize your wood usage & appropriately fill the voids in your containers.

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