LogiMAT 2024

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  • March 19 - 21, 2024
  • Hall 4 Stand 4C50


Stuttgart Messe

Messepiazza 1, 70629 Stuttgart, Germany

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Visit us at Stuttgart Messe for LogiMAT, the tradeshow for intralogistics solutions and process management. If you are interested in strapping, wrapping or stapling to support your organisation pack, bundle, unitise your product range, as well as store and transport your products we will protect them. Signode provides a wide range of packaging solutions not only to support your product portfolio but your brand too. 

At LogiMAT we will present a wide range of our innovative solutions on our stand including the Vero 4.0. Learn about how Signode can assist to bring end-of-line packaging automation and a fully integrated packaging line in your facility, discover all the competencies of working with Signode.

Discover more about our Oriented System Selling (OSS) is a solution designed to provide both flexibility and cost efficiency with no investment. Frequently used in logistics, this modular solution allows hand film replacement with optimal control of consumable consumptions.

  • OSS rental agreements can be unlimited or fixed terms (48 months)
  • Signode’s oriented film is linked to the machines
  • You can adapt your agreement according to seasonality
  • Oriented film can be coreless or with a core depending of the selected wrapper

Find out how Signode can support protecting your products. Register and buy tickets to visit Signode at LogiMAT in Stuttgart.

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  • Signode Dylastic® polypropylene strapping (PP-Strap) runs through hand tools and equipment with superior performance for light to medium-duty bundling.

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  • The machine can wrap a variety of load sizes and is easy to integrate into existing packaging lines. Wrapping 200 units/hour. Service at floor level.

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  • Benefits of ring technology for low capacity end of line packaging – versatile wrapping features, improved packaging quality.

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  • Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) Film reduces the need of fossil fuels utilising re-usable materials to create stretch film. Both Stretch and Oriented PCR Film are available in EMEA. A sustainable stretch wrapping solution.

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  • StorFast Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) is an innovative cart-based solution that is comprised of powered carts that automatically and quickly move pallets in and out of storage positions in the warehouse.

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