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The full electric, fully automatic strapping machine. With a robust design for highest demands of strapping.
SMB Vero 4.0

Fully Electric

Pneumatic-free machine with full control over all machine movements.

Direct-Access Technology

Speedy time efficient method for operators to deal with any possible errors.

Production Data

Gain production data to review bundling performance via Ethernet or USB

Smart Touch Control

Smart touch control makes the machine easy to use by operators

SMB Vero 4.0 Fully Automatic Strapping Machine

The SMB Vero 4.0 provides fully automatic strapping use with PP and PET strap. The low maintenance machine is easily configurable, flexible and movable. The low wear strap arch and energy saving direct-drive-motors provide maximum productivity.

Features and Benefits

  • ASLF 'Anti-Strap-Loss-Function' Constant strap control
  • Strap width 5 - 12 mm, either
  • DAT 'Direct-Access-Technology'
  • The exclusive eject function avoids strap jam
  • Torque controlled strap tension, adjustable
  • EPP 'Exact Product Path'
  • Conveyor speed steplessly adjustable
  • GreenTech energy concept, low power consumption
  • Intuitive touchscreen operating concept
  • MFT 'Mono-Frame-Technology'
  • Bundle press, optional
  • Production data analysis via Ethernet/USB
  • Built to be open without doors
  • Smart Touch icon control concept
  • Table height steplessly adjustable
  • Bundle flow control

Technical Specifications

Machine type
Automatic Strapping Machine
Machine WeightApprox. 290 - 350
Working Height 600 - 1250 mm
Arch Size Min.600 x 400 mm
Arch Size Max.2650 x 2650 mm
Dispenser Positionleft or right
Seal Type
Heat seal. Tensile strength of welded joint is approx. 80% of the breaking strength of the strap
Strap Tensionup to 600 Nm
Cycles per Minute Single strap, bundles/minute up to 50 
Strapping MaterialPP, PET
Strapping Width5-12 mm
Electricity SupplyWide Range Input 380-520V, 3AC; 47 63 Hz 
Optional : Wide Range Input 100-240V, 1AC; 47-63 Hz 
Optional: UL configuration

Solution Group

  • Products
  • Services
  • Integration
  • Automation
  • pack
  • bundle
  • unitize
  • warehouse
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