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The SGP series plastic strapping machines offer a fully automated inline solution, a walk-up, a side-seal and a small anvil system. Designed for integration into many industries and applications, the SGP features stainless steel options.
SGP Automatic in gray


Plug and play design for easy set up


Built with high-efficiency components and few wear parts


Designed for integration into many industries and applications


Applies up to 65 straps per minute

SGP Series Plastic Strapping Machines

The SGP Series is designed to provide multi-functional and easy to use systems which can be used stand-alone or as part of a wider conveyor system. The different variants of the SGP Series are designed for specific benefits, all with the same goal to provide an accurate and fast strapping system. Due to a clever design the straps are tight around the products without providing damage to fragile goods, this process can be controlled using the automatic systems and then replicated for accurate product strap tension. The SGP 4300 range is available in a vast array of sizes with high adjustable functions for perfect ergonomics. Providing a indispensable solution for almost all shapes and sizes of package. 


The SGP walk-up machine, for small to large packed goods, can be operated from either side of the machine.

SGP 2000/4000 

SGP walk up

Small Anvil

The SGP small anvil plastic strapping machine is designed for small, irregular packages.

SGP 4301

SGP small anvil


The SGP automatic machine delivers a fully automated inline solution or can be used as a stand-alone machine when combined with idle conveyors.

SGP 2330/3330/4330 Series

SGP automatic


The SGP side-seal strapping machine, available as a standalone or fully automatic inline solution, is for products that emit small debries.

SGP 4400 Series

SGP side seal

Features and Benefits 

  • Streamline Maintenance  
    Built with efficiency in mind, few wearing parts. Built to last for a long time with minimal service needs, easy fault clearance reducing overall maintenance.
  • Maximise Uptime 
    Plug and play ability supporting simple use and downtime limitations.
  • High ROI
    SGP Series is a great investment for end of line packaging equipment supporting your business to reduce production costs, time and providing a long lifespan.

SGP Series

The SGP Series includes a wide range of machines with different benefits. 

  • SGP 2000 / 4000
  • SGP 2300 / 4300 
  • SGP 2301 / 4301
  • SGP 2330 / 4330
  • SGP 3330 
  • SGP 4400 / 4401

Solution Group

  • Products
  • Services
  • Integration
  • Automation
  • pack
  • bundle
  • unitize
  • warehouse
  • transport