Strapping Systems

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Model 1200 & 1650, turntable strap dispenser supporting longer machine uptime.

Green Lumber Marking

The green lumber printing system automates lumber marking to help increase productivity and reduce labor.

Lumber Marking

Signode’s direct-to-product and label printing solutions for lumber marking deliver high-speed printing for a variety of applications within the forestry industry.

Top Sheet Applicator

The Top Sheet Applicator (TSA) is designed for single, double or triple film rolls.

Apex® Steel Strapping

Apex and Apex Plus steel strapping are cold rolled, non-heat treated, low carbon strapping manufactured with superior edge conditioning plus excellent coating and surface properties.


Magnus is a cold-rolled, heat-treated steel strapping that provides high tensile strength and shock resistance for the heaviest-duty applications.

Dylastic® PCR Strapping

Signode's Dylastic® PCR Strapping is produced with 30% post-consumer recycled raw materials.

Corded Polyester Strapping

High strength Corded Polyester strapping designed for pallet strapping applications and tie-down use.

Polypropylene (PP) Strapping

Polypropylene plastic strapping is designed for light and medium-duty applications, including palletizing, unitizing, bundling, carton closure and reinforcement.

Dylastic® Polypropylene Strapping

Signode Dylastic® polypropylene strapping (PP-Strap) runs through hand tools and equipment with superior performance for light to medium-duty bundling.

Tenax® Polyester Strapping (PET)

Tenax polyester strapping (PET), designed for medium to heavy-duty palletizing and unitizing, can be applied by hand tools or strapping equipment.

Seals and Buckles

Seal and buckle joints are used for steel and plastic strap to attach strapping ends together.

AK-100/101 Strapping Heads

Steel strapping heads designed to be used in combination with various steel strapping sizes ranging from 13 to 19 mm.


Heavy duty plastic strapping head

BPX Lumber Strapping Machine

The BPX compression strapping system delivers maximum packaging reliability in a simple to operate and easy to use machine for lumber loads.


The BRP is a fully automatic heavy-duty steel strapping machine for bar, rod and pipe applications. Available with various Signode strapping heads.

HSM Strapping Machine

The Signode HSM strapping machine is the latest generation of horizontal strapping machines.

GCU-NG Strapping Machine

The next generation GCU NG modular compression strapping machine succeeds the proven first generation of GCU strapping machines.

GCU SmartFlex-s

The innovative GCU SmartFlex-s compresses and straps corrugated loads utilizing a modular head design for easy maintenance and operation.

H3000 Strapping Head

The H3000 is a reliable and economical solution to a wide range of strapping industrial applications.

H6500 Strapping Head

The innovative H6500 with the latest strapping technology is a reliable and economical solution to a wide range of general purpose strapping applications.

KLS Strapping Head

Medium to heavy-duty steel strapping head for a wide range of industries.

LP Z20

The LP Z20 is a hydraulic compression and strapping station used in the lumber industry.


All-electric lumber compression and strapping station


LPS Z20 is a scissor press and strapping station designed for high compression and strapping of lumber.


The Signode M247 is a heavy duty modular all electric steel strapping head.


The MH-BGU provides consistent retained strap tension throughout the transportation cycle for bulk glass product loads.

MH-11/16 Side-Seal Strapping Machine

The MH-11/16 side seal plastic strapping machine combines Signode’s quick-change modules with high speed, reliable operation. Its large selection of chute sizes is suitable for a variety of packaging applications.

MHC Strapping Head

The Signode MHC Modular Strapping Head is the most reliable and economical solution to a wide range of strapping industrial applications. Specific models are available to suit all requirements.


The innovative PET and cans unitizer, the TP12 provides consistent, retained strap tension for beverage container loads.


MH-P side seal plastic strapping machine is ideal for a wide range of packaging applications and can be easily integrated into most production lines.

MHG Signature Bundling Strapping Machine

The Signode MHG has been specially designed of the high throughput and “no-failure environment” demands of the graphics industry.

MOD-710 Side-Seal Strapping Machine

The MOD-710 side-seal plastic strapping machine combines Signode's quick-change modules with high speed, reliable operation to maximize productivity


The PSF is a pneumatic power strap feeder specially designed to apply straps quickly and efficiently around palletised or other large packs available only in EMEA.

Revolution Z634 Up-Packer

Signode's fully automatic up-packing strapping system is designed to reduce maintenance costs and accommodate faster production speeds.

Revolution Z634 Down-Packer

Signode's fully automatic down-packing strapping system is designed to reduce maintenance costs and accommodate faster production speeds.


The Signode SIG-VCS TANDEM is an automatic squaring bundler, integrating a dual coil system, automatic strap change, dual-zone conveyors and a completely interlocked system.


All-electric lumber press and strapping station for lighter load squaring and compaction.

TSM Strapping Machine

The Signode TSM range of strapping machines are a new generation of strapping machine from Signode for the construction industry.

VSM Strapping Machine

The Signode VSM range of strapping machines are the next generation for plastic strapping applications.


The VSM-Z20 standalone or retrofit strapping machine supports multiple industry use cases.

Z-20 Strapping Head

The innovative Z-20 Modular Strapping Head is a reliable and economical solution to a wide range of industrial applications.

BHC 3 Battery Strapping Tool

BHC 3 is an economical and easy to use tool for automatic weld friction sealing of plastic strap.

Plastic Strapping Combination Tools

Signode brings you battery, pneumatic and manual combination tools for plastic strapping.

Plastic Strapping Tensioners

Tensioners designed for use with plastic strap.

Plastic Strapping Sealers

Easy to use sealers for plastic strapping applications. Providing manual and battery powered strapping sealers.

BXT3 Battery Powered Tools for Plastic Strapping

BXT3 Series, easy to use battery powered tools for automatic weld friction sealing of plastic strap.

GripPack® CB

GripPack CB Battery powered cutter for steel or plastic strapping.

BPT Battery Powered Tools for Steel Strapping

Signode's BPT push-type battery operated tools for steel strapping deliver high-speed operation and unparalleled performance on round and irregular shaped loads.

BST Sealless Battery Powered Steel Strapping Hand Tool

BST battery powered hand tool for steel strapping delivering highspeed operation and unparalleled performance in demanding applications.

Steel Strapping Combination Tools

Signode provides combination tools for both tensioning and lashing of strap. We provide battery, manual and pneumatic models.

Steel Strapping Sealers

Providing a range of sealers for steel strapping application, manual and pneumatic models are available.

GripPack® PB Tensioner

The GripPack PB battery-powered tensioner for steel strap automatic operation and performance-enhancing features vastly improve packaging productivity.

GripPack® CB

GripPack CB Battery powered cutter for steel or plastic strapping.


The GripPack sealer is the first battery-driven sealer for steel, provides unparalleled operational flexibility for heavy duty steel strapping applications.