Top Sheet Applicator

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The Top Sheet Applicator (TSA) is designed for single, double or triple film rolls.
Top Sheet Applicator


Higher throughput by automatic top sheet feed and lay-down on pack


Different film widths and  numbers of rolls can be added for more economic wrapping conditions


Single power connection for simplified and lower maintenance requirements

Superior Load

Tight fitting covers, improved load finish and product protection while reducing film usage

Top Sheet Applicator (TSA)

The TSA is available in two models, model E and model D for single or double rolls and widths, offering different film rolls as well as a different numbers of cutters. The highly productive machine comes with an intuitive HMI enabling easy operation and the ability to customise to your needs based on the product requirements. Equipment on the machine include back tension rollers for film feeding, film fixing assembly for an increased accuracy of film cut off. The machine comes with standard programs a manual cycle, automatic and free-passthrough. In addition there are other options such as, machine guarding, light-guards, film-roll-empty pre-alarm, and machine platform all upon request.  

Features and Benefits

  • Automatic Pack Processing  
    Automatic pack processing with a selection of correct film width and length, cut off and lay-down film onto package makes folding and stapling easier also reduces film usage verses manual systems.
  • HMI Control Panel
    Control panel to provide easy operation of the top sheet applicator, all functions can be selected via the touch screen available in different languages with a simple menu structure for operator use.
  • Alert System
    Alarm system for film roll ending to provide pre-end warning to minimise downtime of the machine and alert operators a change is required.
  • Durable Design
    Heavy-duty and durable design, with mechanics facilitating easy and accurate film application.

Technical Specifications

Model Types:

  • Model E - Two film rolls of one width 
  • Model D - Four film rolls of two different widths
SpecificationsTop Sheet Applicator (TSA)
Film Width Options (mm)1800, 2500, 3200, 3400
Film Roll Diameter (mm)Max. 500
Film Roll Weight (Kg)Max. 100
PLCSiemens S7 Series
Electrical Supply400 VAC, 50 HZ, 3PE
Pneumatic Connectionmin 6 Bar
Minimum Conveyor Height (mm)470