Tapes (BOPP & Speciality)

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Tapes for packaging providing high strength, high adhesive qualities and suitable for various applications.
Tape for Case Packaging
HDPE Tapes
Filament Tapes

Tapes (BOPP & Speciality)

Signode provides case packaging tapes in three different types, BOPP tape to work in extreme temperatures and bonds between surfaces even where UV and moisture is common; additionally filament tapes a high performance single sided packaging tape. HDPE tapes are also provided by Signode manufactured from woven HDPE fabric and have high tear and water resistance.

BOPP Tapes

  • Provides high tack and shear resistance between the two applied surfaces / substrate which results in making the pack tamper evident.
  • Good impact strength makes it suitable to use with manual dispensers and automatic sealing equipment.
  • High shear strength and less elongation along with the resistance to abrasion, moisture, temperature and various chemicals makes it suitable for customization with color options, printing and lamination.

Filament Tapes

  • Higher strength makes it an ideal choice for heavy duty packing.
  • Non-tearing in both directions.
  • Used in packing of metal coils, sealing courier bags and to reinforce fabric before stitching

HDPE Tapes

  • Available in self-wound and with release liner.
  • High shear strength and high elongation.
  • Used for various applications like VCI fabric, HDPE bags and Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers.

BOPP Tapes Technical Specifications

ProductThickness (micron)Film Thickness (micron)Adhesive Thickness (micron)Tape GSMHolding Power (Hrs)
CC 402317407

Speciality Tapes Technical Specifications

ProductThickness (micron)Break Strength (min) (Kg/ inch)Elongation (Max) %Adhesion (Min) (Kg / inch)Length (M)
Filament Tape1505682.1250
HDPE Fabric Tape18025201.550

*For more information consult the tapes brochure.