Fleetwood protective products focused for use within the metals industry. Signode is a driving force for the metal industry and consistently provides innovative protective solutions to service this market. Committed to addressing customer’s needs, Signode finds opportunities and solutions that support each specific brand. We offer the best resources, services, product selection, and technology in the metals industry.

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Metal Protection Packs

The Fleetwood range of products offer unmatched metal protection for metal coils, metal sheets, slit coil and more. An all-in-one solution makes it easy for you to protect your brand and save costs. 

You can customize each layer of optional protective products to fit your specific needs based on metal type and load requirements. Protection packs include plastic and fiber protectors, strapping, stretch film, snap sticks, protective masking, pads, and edge protection. Our service team will assist in helping you pick the perfect pack for your needs.

With no need to go anywhere else, Fleetwood protection product packs offer a unique and efficient opportunity to protect your brand.

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Metal Coil Protection Pack

Coil protection include a variety of products

Cut Sheet Protection Pack

Cut sheet protection

Slit Coil Protection Pack

Slit Coil Protection

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Full array of services, including:

  • Technical Support
  • Packaging Consulting
  • Damage Claim Reviews
  • Engineers to support automation
  • Programmers to support automation
  • Field Technicians for support services
  • Inventory Management
  • Quality Team Support
  • Best Practices Audits

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Fleetwood metal coil


  • All poly woven/weave, typically used to protect metal coils or sheets, is made of polypropylene or polyethylene and can be either all poly or kraft backed.

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  • Apex steel strapping are cold rolled, non-heat treated, low carbon strapping manufactured with superior edge conditioning plus excellent coating and surface properties.

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  • Used to hold smaller pieces of scrap parts.

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  • In the metals industry it can be used to make specialty packaging products

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  • Kraft paper is available plain or coated and is typically used in the metals industry as interleaving into a coil or to cover and protect metal coils and sheets against moisture, dust and abrasion.

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  • Magnus is a cold-rolled, heat-treated steel strapping that provides high tensile strength and shock resistance for the heaviest-duty applications.

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  • Metal coil separator spacers.

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  • Inner and outer diameter protectors contour to the circumference of metal coils protecting the inside and outside edges from damage during shipping and handling.

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  • Polyethylene protection for paper and steel coils, coil edge protectors contour to the circumference of the coil protecting edges from strap damage.

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  • Used to hold BOL, instructions, order docs, etc. for all industries.

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  • Low density polyethylene bags for documents.

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  • This highly specialized custom film is used to protect surfaces of metals and other finished products.

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  • Scrim is a low cost reinforcing fabric used to cover and protect products typically manufactured in the metals industry.

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  • Used to keep the metal seal from making direct contact with the product. The pad keeps the seal slightly elevated above the product

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  • Variety of tapes for box sealing and coil tabbing.

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