RCU-CHU-EH Robotic Strap Cutting

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Robotic debander for auto strap removing from steel coils.
RCU wide shot


Replaces manual strap removal


Intuitive design allows for easy programming

Strap Disposal

Bundles and deposits strap into built-in waste container

Operational Versatility

Accommodates varying product and coil sizes

RCU-CH-EH Robotic Strap Cutting Machine

The RCU-CH-EH automates the cutting and removal of steel strap, reducing operator involvement in the processing of steel coils. Its intuitive design coupled with a multi-axial robot arm allows for processing different coil sizes and strap configurations, making it ideal for a wide range of production facilities.

Strap Cutting Process

  • Strap placement identification
    As the coil is rotated the robot scans to detect the end-lap, once detected rotation continues until the end-lap falls between the 5 - 7 o'clock position.
  • Cutting and removal
    The powerful gripper units hold the strap in place, while the cutter cuts and removes the strap from the coil.
  • Compaction
    The gripper unit places the strap into the folding and rolling unit to pack the strap into a small, easily handled bundle.
  • Disposal
    The unit places the processed strap bundles into a designated waste container on the machine.

Technical Specifications


ABB / Nachi / Kuka *
Drive System
AC servo system
120 kg (264 lbs)
Max. Reach
3100 mm (122")
Unit Weight
985 kg (2,171 lbs)

*A Signode representative can recommend the correct model for your application

Coil Dimensions

1000 - 2740 mm (39" – 107.8") +
800 - 2100 mm (31" – 82.6") +
1.2 - 7.0 mm +
Coil Direction
Parallel to the walking beam
Coil Tail Direction
5-7 o’clock position

Strap Information

Strap Type
For circumferential & eye straps
Seal Location
12-3 o’clock position
Strap Material
Apex® or Magnus®
Strap Width
19-32 mm (.74 - 1.25")
Strap Joint
With or without seal
Strap Thickness
0.64 to 1.1 mm (.03-.04")

+Adjustments can be made to accommodate customer applications