Apex® Steel Strapping

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Apex and Apex Plus steel strapping are cold rolled, non-heat treated, low carbon strapping manufactured with superior edge conditioning plus excellent coating and surface properties.
Apex steel strapping material

Optimized Package Integrity

High quality standards provide reliable load securement

Available Globally

Available worldwide with local inventory and service support

Application Versatility

Multiple finishes for varying products and applications

Market Leading Value

Superior corrosion resistance and edge conditioning protection

Apex and Apex Plus Steel Strapping

Apex and Apex Plus steel strapping are cold-rolled, low carbon strapping, designed for light to medium-duty applications. Engineered to deliver higher break strength per pound than competitive steel strapping with local service and technical support. Superior edge conditioning will lower maintenance costs for tooling and provide increased safety for employees and customers.

Features and Benefits

  • Painted and waxed
    Painted and waxed steel strapping is the most widely used strapping in all applications. The waxed property improves tension transmission around load corners, while the paint improves corrosion resistance.
  • Zinc painted and waxed
    Zinc finish strapping is waxed and has a zinc-enriched coating to provide outstanding resistance to rust. It has the same improved tension transmission characteristics as painted and waxed strapping.
  • Specialty finishes and applications
    Signode has a variety of specialty products for annealing applications, curved edge, and printed items. Please contact us to discuss special applications products.

Technical Specifications

Width (mm)
Thickness (mm)
Break Load Min (KG)
Elongation Min (%)
Bends Min
Yield (Meter/Kg)
1215APW12.70.383760.52 (1 T)26.3
5815APW15.880.384710.52 (1 T)21
5820APW15.880.516150.52 (1 T)15.7
5820APW15.880.586910.52 (1 T)13.8
3415APW19.050.385650.52 (1 T)17.5
3420APW19.050.517280.52 (1 T)13.1
3423APW19.050.588290.52 (1 T)11.5