Xeros® Stretch Hood

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Stretch hood film designed for minimizing condensation.  Available 3 and 3.7 mil, 27" thru 98" wide, grey color


Patented condensation control


Provides protection from moisture induced by the elements


Maintains barcode readability for most industry requirements


Reduces claims from wet boxes

Xeros Stretch Hood Film

Xeros film, coupled with stretch hood technology, is setting standards for palletization. Its unique patented composition developed through extensive research and testing, provides unique 10-sided protection that effectively manages sunlight, while minimizing the formation of condensation inside of the packaging. Unlike conventional wrapping methods, the use of stretch hood film along with innovative technology provides protection against water, dust and contamination.

Features and Benefits

  • Maximizes load stability
    Xeros film provides additional protection from the elements while continuing to maintain load stability expected from stretch hood technology.
  • Product protection
    With the increasing demand of safety standards, Xeros film provides maximum product protection from the elements, including sunlight, moisture, and the temperature changes that can cause loads to be compromised.
  • Enhances performance
    Our patented* Xeros film is designed with the optimum balance between elastic properties and holding forces, which is critical for effective load stability. The technology utilizes proprietary features effectively managing sunlight, and minimizing condensation.

*Patent # U.S. 8,936,152 and U.S. 9,272,828

Xeros White

  • Excellent scan readability
    Transparent film allows for easy barcode reading.
  • Anti-fog surface
    Helps keep moisture from beading up and wetting underlying contents.
  • Distance scanning
    Loads to be scanned from several feet away.
Xero White

Xeros Grey

  • Condensation control
    Excellent for applications requiring superior protection from condensation
  • Minimizes mold
    Reduces moisture derived from ambient temperature fluctuation
  • Product protection
    Guards against water, dust and contamination.
Xero grey

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