Octopus® S Series

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Medium and high capacity models for various load dimensions with different steel frame sizes.
Octopus S series

Maximizes Throughput

Wraps up to 125 loads per hour depending on load size and wrap pattern

Robust Construction

Heavy duty steel frame structure along with a well-balanced ring and belted lifting device results in quiet, efficient performance and minimal maintenance

Simplifies Integration

Requires minimal assembly and less floor space compared to most other styles of wrappers

Production Flexibility

The ring design allows for unlimited wrapping patterns and optimized film usage

Octopus S Series Automatic Rotary Ring Stretch Wrapper

The Octopus S Series automatic rotary ring stretch wrapper is a fully automatic pallet wrapping machine incorporating the latest technology and the famous Octopus ring type method. The Octopus is virtually silent in operation and easily maintained. This versatile machine is modular in design, allowing for numerous innovative options to help solve your specific stretch packaging challenges.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides unmatched flexibility
    The Octopus S series is ideal for a range of applications including unstable and lightweight products. The machine has no centrifugal forces simplifying the wrapping of challenging loads.
  • Optimizes film usage
    The Easy S film carriage design offers unmatched performance. This unique, easy load film carriage design provides all of the benefits of an “S” wrap while still being very user-friendly. Compared to traditional “W” wrap systems, the positive contact of the “S” wrap pattern improves pre-stretch levels, better handles a variety of films, reduces wear and significantly lowers the overall cost of ownership. Coupled with the innovative ability to vary film force throughout the wrap cycle, the Octopus S series wrappers provide the required load containment force while at the same time optimizing film usage.
  • Continuous film force-to-load adjustment
    Each wrapping pattern has customized force to load settings for individual parts of the load. Based on type of primary packaging, weight of the load, nature of the primary package, and the transport distance of the load, each wrapping pattern will apply top wraps, bottom wraps and film overlaps with individual force to load tensions for improved load containment.

Additional Standard Features

  • Safety fence with electrical lockout switch
  • HMI OctoFACE - for improved visual user experience
  • No Touch-No Tail (NT²) seamer offers high-quality, low-maintenance seaming without touching the load


  • Load stabilizer: Ensures unstable loads remain intact throughout the wrapping cycle
  • Integrated top sheet dispenser: Provides automatic weatherproofing without taking up floor space
  • Corner post device (CPD): Inserts four solid corner posts at the corners of the load
  • Reel change system (RCS): Changes the reels of stretch film without manual intervention, saving time and money

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