Octopus® B Series

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A stretch wrapping machine for various capacity needs from low to medium capacity.
Octopus b series


Wraps up to 100 loads per hour depending on load size and wrap pattern


Heavy-duty, aluminum frame structure provides efficient performance, long life and minimal maintenance


Requires minimal set-up and less floor space than traditional wrappers


Accommodates variable  load sizes and multiple wrapping patterns to satisfy packaging challenges

B Series Automatic Ring Stretch Wrapper

The Octopus B Series stretch wrapper is a fully automatic pallet wrapping machine incorporating the latest technology and the famous Octopus ring type method. The film carriage revolves around the load from a rotating ring. The ring is raised and lowered according to the wrapping program. The pallet remains stationary, which makes the wrapping of unstable and lightweight products considerably easier. There are no centrifugal forces to cause stress or strain on the load or on the equipment. Since the sealing mechanism is on the ring, we can start and stop the wrapping cycle anywhere on the load. The Octopus provides optimal load containment while minimizing film usage.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides unmatched flexibility
    The Octopus B Series stretch wrapper accommodates variable load sizes and features multiple wrapping patterns based on the product to be wrapped. Due to the load being stationary while the ring rotates around it, even very unstable and lightweight products can be wrapped.
  • Optimizes film usage
    The Octopus B wrapper utilizes an “s” style film carriage. Compared to other wrap carriages, its operational efficiency improves pre-stretch levels to minimize film usage, while extending parts life.
  • Continuous film force-to-load adjustment
    Each wrapping pattern has customized force to load settings for individual parts of the load. Based on type of primary packaging, weight of the load, texture of the primary package, and the transport distance of the load, each wrapping pattern will apply top wraps, bottom wraps and film overlaps with individual force-to-load tensions for improved load containment

Additional Standard Features

  • Safety fence with electrical lockout switch
  • OctoFACE HMI for a visual user experience
  • No Touch-No Tail (NT²) seamer offers high-quality, low-maintenance seaming without touching the load


  • Load stabilizer: Ensures unstable loads remain intact throughout the wrapping cycle
  • Integrated top sheet dispenser: Provides automatic weatherproofing without taking up floor space
  • Corner post device (CPD): Inserts four solid corner posts at the corners of the load
  • LogoWRAP: Inserts printed stretch film to a pallet load during the normal wrapping cycle to provide affordable four-sided brand identification

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