Octopus® T Series

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The Octopus T Series stretch wrapper is developed for high-speed production lines within industries such as food, beverage, construction and tissue.
Octopus T Series


Wraps up to 150 pallets per hour. Two film carriages apply film simultaneously or independently


Heavy duty steel frame structure along with a well-balanced ring and lifting device results in quiet, efficient performance


Increased speed enables running multiple lines through a single line


Accommodates a wide range of pallet load sizes and is offered with many innovative options

T Series Automatic Rotary Ring Stretch Wrapper

The Octopus T Series stretch wrapper is developed for high-speed production lines within industries such as food & beverage, construction and tissue. Equipped with a double film carriage and seaming unit, both film carriages apply film simultaneously or independently resulting in high speed wrapping. In combination with a Fast Cycle conveyor solution (optional) it is possible to reduce conveying time in half. Due to the increased line speed, floor space can be used more efficiently for single line use.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides unmatched flexibility
    The Octopus "T" can be equipped with various automatic reel change systems. The RCS II (Reel Change System) automatically replaces either of two reels in the machine. When the machine senses a lack of film or a film breakage, a new film cassette is fed automatically into the machine without operator invention, resulting in increased line productivity. Standing outside the safety fences, the operator can load a new film reel onto the RCS cassette while the machine is still operating.
  • Optimizes film usage
    A key advantage of the "S" film carriage system is the ability to automatically modify film tension levels during a wrap cycle and focus film tension forces at key areas of a pallet load. Based on type of primary packaging, weight of the load, nature of the primary package, and the transport distance of the load, each wrapping pattern will apply top wraps, bottom wraps and film overlaps with individual force to load tensions for improved load containment

Additional Standard Features

  • No Touch-No Tail (NT²) seamer offers high-quality, low-maintenance seaming without touching the load


  • Load stabilizer: Ensures unstable loads remain intact throughout the wrapping cycle
  • Integrated top sheet dispenser: Provides automatic weatherproofing without taking up floor space
  • Corner post device (CPD): Inserts four solid corner posts at the corners of the load
  • Reel change system (RCS): Changes the reels of stretch film without manual intervention, saving time and money
  • Lay on force control: Maximizes production efficiency
  • Top sheet reel lift: Descends to floor level for easy loading

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