Plastic Packaging

Plastic Packaging

Signode offers a single source solution for all of your protective packaging needs for transportation. We specialize in manufacturing a variety of extruded products such as slip sheets, separator/tier sheets, pallet sheets, extruded sheets and specialty packaging products. Plastic Packaging products and shipping platforms are a high-quality transport packaging option for a variety of industries. We also offer a convenient national recapture/recycling program. We are committed to maintaining quality and being corporately responsible to our environment. 

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Product Protection

Compact designs protect your brand while also allowing for more product in less space


Specialized plastic packaging solutions for your business needs


Products made with recycled materials and 100% recyclable


Reduces transportation weight and costs

Leading Supplier

We are a key supplier to leading companies in the beverage container, food, construction, metal, pet food, industrial packaging, automotive and appliance industries. Our three manufacturing facilities strategically located in Chicago, IL, Denver, CO and Eden, NC enables us to provide service levels above the industry standard. Our team is prepared to design solutions and processes to meet your needs.

Slip Sheet


  • Reusable and recyclable, slip sheets offer a durable, space saving, pallet replacement. An excellent alternative to wood pallets.

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  • Tier Sheets are clean, washable, and 100% solid polypropylene. These separator sheets offer maximum load stability, reduced contamination, and greater product protection between layers of a variety of products.

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  • Used on the top layer of tier-stacked goods PTC Top Frames create a rigid interlocking framework to unitize and secure.

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  • Brick/Block polyethylene edge and side protection enhances load stability and improves brick alignment. Designed to withstand outdoor weather conditions during storage and shipping.

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  • Polyethylene protection for paper and steel coils, coil edge protectors contour to the circumference of the coil protecting edges from strap damage.

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  • Custom, heavy duty, hard plastic sheets for a variety of markets and industries.

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