Signode India's Steps to Environmental Responsibility: Embracing EPR

In reaffirmation of our commitment to responsible packaging practices, we are proud to announce our registration in the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) program under the Plastic Waste Management Rules introduced by the Ministry of Environment, Forest, and Climate Change (MoEFCC) of the Government of India.

This move goes beyond mere regulatory compliance; it underscores our steadfast dedication to assuming accountability for our products throughout their lifecycle, with the primary goal of minimizing their environmental footprint.

We have secured EPR registration in both the "Producer" and "Importer" categories, covering all our manufacturing facilities across various states. With this, Signode India Limited assures the safe & environmentally sound disposal of post-consumer plastic waste, adhering strictly to regulations, emphasizing environmentally responsible practices.

At Signode India Limited, we are driven by the belief that providing packaging solutions entails more than meeting customer needs; it involves safeguarding the environment for future generations. We invite our esteemed customers to join us on this journey towards sustainability and responsible waste management. Together, we can actively contribute to creating a greener and more responsible future.


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