Bar Rod Bundle Strapping Machine with Automatic Paper Applicator enhances customer’s productivity


Signode’s innovative fully automatic twin head modular M247N steel strapping machine with automatic paper feeding and application is being supplied to one of the leading brass and copper bar rod producers in North America.


Feature and Benefits:
  • Twin-head application for higher through-put/productivity
  • Patented modular head modules for reduced downtime
    • All electric design for consistent, repeatable tensioning & sealing
    • Quick electrical disconnect with one main electrical outlet
    • Built-in diagnostics for maximum uptime
    • No clutches or belts
    • 2,200+kgs /5,000+ lbs. of applied tension
    • Separable mechanical & electrical sub-modules
  • Designated offline position with interlocks ensuring safe conditions
  • 90-degree head swivelling for easy maintenance
  • Thick paper protects bundle to reduce the chance of any impression of the steel strap on soft materials such as brass and copper make
  • - Product protection > Product integrity > Avoid Pilferage
  • 90-degree Paper Applicator Swivelling for ease of Maintenance

Product Specification:
  • Product Type : Round and Hexagonal pipe bundles.
  • Pipe OD : Ø 16 to Ø 32 mm
  • Bundle Length : 4876 mm
  • Bundle Width : 110 to 260 mm
  • Bundle Width : 127 to 300 mm
M247N Steel Strapping Machine
M247N Steel Strapping Machine