We aim to integrate sustainable practices and principles into our organization's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. It involves considering the long-term environmental, social, and economic impacts of the company's activities and ensuring that CSR efforts contribute to the overall sustainability of the organization and the broader society. In the context of CSR, sustainability encompasses several key elements: environmental, social and economic sustainability, stakeholder engagement, reporting and transparency.

By incorporating sustainability into Signode’s CSR efforts, we intend to contribute to a more sustainable future, mitigate risks, enhance reputation, attract socially conscious consumers and investors, and foster long-term business success. CSR sustainability aligns social and environmental responsibilities with business objectives, creating a win-win situation for both the organization and society at large.

We aspire to support the sustainable development goals on environment health, poverty and livelihoods and explore opportunities and initiatives which align with Crown’s Twentyby30 goals.

Recycling Plastic Waste in Communities PAN India

We utilize the opportunity to be a responsible corporation and “comply with the extended producer responsibility guidelines”, Signode collaborated with Environment Sewa Foundation, a non-profit organization to recycle and ensure sound treatment of plastic waste is undertaken. We collected plastic waste and recycled this product, which in turn reduces disposal of collected plastic waste in landfills. We are keen on taking the right steps towards matters related to climate action initiatives.

Recycling Plastic in PAN India

Distribution Drive of Upcycled Kits at Government schools, Jamshedpur

Upcycled kits

Our continuous “effort to drive sustainability through CSR” helped us think beyond the obvious. We organized a distribution drive of upcycled kits at 2 Government schools in Jamshedpur which benefitted 1005 children. 

The upcycled kits included: footwear, school bags, mats, and masks. Through this initiative, we have “upcycled more than 1000 kilograms of material and contributed to reduction of 7.67 tons of CO2 emissions”. 

Distribution Drive of Exam Writing Packs in 10 Government schools

In our pursuit to “implement sustainable projects in Government schools” near 6 locations in Silvassa, Dahej, Rudrapur, Rudraram, Chitkul and Bangalore, we produced exam writing planks from upcycled MDF scrap. This initiative helped 1400 children across 10 schools. The smile that lit up every child’s face who received the exam writing planks was immense.

Exam distribution drive