CSR Impact

Our CSR program has been ongoing for many years, below discover the impact of Signode's efforts and projects in the past.

Enabling Educational, Health, Livelihoods and Women Empowerment

Signode enabled in supporting educational needs, enhanced health facilities, livelihoods, girl child education and women empowerment projects in collaboration with Smile Foundation. The support has benefitted nearly 400,000 families every year. More than 200 live welfare projects on education, healthcare, livelihood and women empowerment have been supported. With presence in over 950 remote villages across 25 states of India, Smile foundation has been operating in the thematic area of:

  • Education  - Mission Education
  • Health – Smile on Wheels & Smile Health Camps
  • Livelihood – Smile Twin e-learning Program
  • Girl Child & Women Empowerment (Swabhiman)

Supporting Distribution of Uniforms and Bags to Government School Children

One of the valuable contribution made by Signode was support towards remedial classes, distribution of uniforms and school bags. We at Signode believe that remedial classes are designed to provide additional educational support to students who face challenges academically as most of the students studying at the Government schools are first generations learners who seldom have any support at home.Through our support, we aimed to address learning gaps, reinforce fundamental concepts, and help students catch up with their peers. The remedial classes helped in the likelihood of students staying in school and completing their education, leaving a long-term positive impact on individuals and communities. 

Additionally, we also provided uniforms to all students to promote a sense of equality and inclusivity within the school community. It ensured that students from diverse socio-economic backgrounds can attend school without feeling stigmatized due to their clothing. For families experiencing financial difficulties, providing uniforms can alleviate the burden of purchasing expensive or multiple sets of clothing. This enables parents to allocate their resources to other essential needs. By implementing these initiatives, we demonstrated a commitment to education, social welfare, and community development.

Supporting children

Inauguration of Libraries in Government Schools

School Libraries

At Signode we believe that our children are our future generation and through our community development projects we provided opportunities for enhancing their schooling experience by setting up libraries in Government schools. To promote and reinvent the culture of reading among students we set up libraries, organized reading programs, book clubs, storytelling sessions, and other literacy-related activities to encourage students’ interest in books. This initiative was organized in collaboration with The Food4Thought Foundation to integrate library resources into classroom activities and curriculum. Through this initiative we experienced immense potential among students who cultivated reading as a habit and encouraged their peers to read and explore the mystery in books within them. This initiative of setting up libraries in Government schools helped in improved access to quality education, promoting literacy, and fostering a culture of learning among students.

Infrastructure Support at a Government school

As part of our social responsibility, we extending our resources by providing infrastructure support to enhance a Government school. We considered the refurbishment of classrooms, addressed basic facilities (like toilets, drinking water, and electricity), and addressed insufficient infrastructural needs to enhance extracurricular activities.

We engaged with the Government school authorities, to understand their specific infrastructure needs and collaborated with them to create a plan that aligned with their requirements and priorities.Through our collaboration we identified the specific infrastructure improvements needed, such as constructing new classrooms, renovating existing buildings, installing proper sanitation facilities and improving accessibility. By providing infrastructure support in government schools under CSR, we contributed to creating a conducive learning environment, improving educational outcomes, and enhancing the overall educational experience for students studying in Government schools.

School Infrastructure

Supporting School Infrastructural Needs for Children in Slums

Supporting School Infrastructure

We have been successfully collaborating with a school run for children from slums and have contributed to the upkeep and improvement of educational facilities for the last many years. We supported the maintenance of the school by supporting the aging infrastructure, repairs, renovations, painting, electrical  work, plumbing, and meeting the infrastructural needs of the school. We believe that supporting school maintenance, demonstrates a commitment to providing a safe and conducive learning environment for students. It helps ensure that schools have well-maintained facilities that promote better educational outcomes and contribute to the overall well-being of the school community.

Enhancing Employment Opportunities among Women by sponsoring Distribution of Sewing Machines

We at Signode, believe that empowering women helps them take control over their lives, make their own decisions, and have equal access to resources and opportunities. It aims to promote gender equality, challenge gender norms and stereotypes, and ensure that women can fully participate in all aspects of society. Aligning with this initiative, Signode sponsored the distribution of sewing machines to women to enable them with a valuable skill and empower them to become economically independent and contribute to their families and communities. This support has helped in women’s empowerment, poverty alleviation, and sustainable livelihoods within the identified communities. Signode believes in economic empowerment among women which would provide equal access to employment opportunities, entrepreneurship, financial resources, and vocational training. It enables women to become financially independent, support their families, and contribute to economic growth.

Educational Opportunities

Distribution of Grocery Kits during COVID-19 across our Sites

Distribution of Grocery Kits

The world experienced unprecedented disruptions and challenges, causing many aspects of daily life to come to a standstill during COVID-19. At Signode we went the extra mile during COVID-19 and reached out to communities across our plant locations and beyond. We supported individuals, communities,  and organizations beyond our call of duty and distributed grocery kits to the most vulnerable and under-privileged who had lost their livelihoods. We showcased resilience by providing support during the challenging COVID times. We found grocery kit distribution as one of the most enduring initiative to help those affected by the pandemic. By organizing grocery kit distribution during COVID-19 we provided essential support to individuals and communities facing hardships which helped us as an organization to demonstrate solidarity, compassion, and a commitment to supporting those in need during challenging times.

Contributed Towards a Make-Shift Hospital

Signode collaborated with the Government in enabling the construction of a make-shift hospital during COVID-19. We understand that collaborations are essential for maximizing the impact and effectiveness of social initiatives. By working together with various stakeholders, we leveraged our resources and network to address social and health challenges more comprehensively. Our aim was to support the Government by donating towards a makeshift COVID-19 hospital near our plant location and provide comprehensive healthcare services and critical care facilities during the pandemic. Donating to set up a makeshift COVID-19 hospital demonstrated our commitment to supporting the healthcare system and protecting the well being of your community during the challenging times. Our contribution made a significant difference in providing essential care to those affected by the pandemic.

Makeshift Hospital Building

Supporting Infrastructural Needs in Government Schools

Governmental Schools

Signode supported the infrastructural needs in a primary Government school by collaborating with AGVSS, a non-profit organization, renovating the school, repainting the entire building, refurbishment of girls and boys toilets, providing doors for classrooms, proving green boards, fans and light in classrooms. This project was supported in a remote school in Rudrapur, Uttarakhand.