Community Projects

Community projects near plant locations aim to address local needs, promote social responsibility, and foster positive relationships between the organisation and the community. It's important to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the needs and priorities of the specific communities surrounding the plant locations to identify the most relevant and impactful community projects. Engaging with community leaders, conducting surveys, and establishing dialogue with local stakeholders can help in identifying the best approach for community projects. 

At Signode, we would like to enhance infrastructural development in Government facilities, promote health and well-being in communities,  social welfare projects, disaster relief and resilience which would promote a comprehensive community development model that can be scaled-up at large.

Donation Drive – Spreading Human Dignity

In association with GOONJ, a non-profit organization, we launched a collection drive, spreading human dignity to encourage employees to give a new meaning to the urban surplus and reploughing these resources to the underprivileged. We received an over-whelming response as employees engaged in this initiative by contributing clothes, footwear, stationery, books, utensils, blankets and dry groceries. These donations were shipped to the GOONJ’S processing units where all the contributions were segregated and upcycled into rural kits, school kits, upcycled products etc., to reach the remotest part of our Indian villages. 

Signode India Donation Drive

Story Telling Carnival for Under-Privileged Children

Story Telling carnival

We envisioned to engage India’s future generation of the Zilla Parishad Government High school, Chitkul, Rudraram to have a great schooling experience and collaborated with The Food4Thought Foundation for setting up digital libraries by reploughing used books into the community and encouraging reading habits. We believe stories play a pivotal role in our lives and have an everlasting impression on our mind and heart. To encourage the reading habits and inculcate the same in girls and boys within their communities we awarded children with gifts and certificates. As part of this, we also sponsored Indian Reading Olympiad across India which recognizes citizens of all age group who promote reading.

With the help of our project ambassadors, we conducted a story-telling carnival with 2 professional story tellers. Students from grades 1 to 10 experienced the power of storytelling and the art of capturing stories on paper. This support benefitted a total of 360 children in the Government school. 

Access to Basic Health Facilities in Our Local Communities

Basic infrastructure in Government primary health center and toilets in Government schools are a point of concern in maintaining hygiene and providing access to basic needs. We received a request from the local Government to improve health services within the community. To meet our objective of providing access to good health and sanitation to the under-privileged, we funded the construction of the health center to enable children, adults and geriatric population from diverse backgrounds to have access to improved services. A team of Signode volunteers spearheaded the project planning, implementation and completion by collaborating with the local Government. 

Healthcare access

Menstrual Hygiene


The health center was inaugurated in May and on the eve of Menstrual Hygiene Day observed globally on 28th May every year, Signode India Foundation collaborated with Red Express Hygiene and organized an awareness session for young girls and women from Rudraram on matters related to menstrual hygiene management.

Around 50 young girls and women gathered for an awareness session on 26th May at the community health center, Rudraram. Questions revolving around menstrual hygiene management were addressed through an open dialogue and women were educated to making menstruation a normal fact of life by 2030. Matters related to menstrual hygiene management, keeping track of one’s menstrual cycle through an activity was demonstrated. Awareness was given to use reusable and sustainable menstrual sanitary pads while focussing on how we can play our part in protecting our environment and reusable pads were distributed to women.

Providing Basic Needs Within A School

We sponsored the renovation of girls washrooms at the Indrakaran Government school, Rudraram. This was duly proposed based on the request from the school and was planned and implemented in 30 days. 

We ensured that girls feel safe while using toilets and facilitated clean running water, an enclosure at the entrance of the washroom and refurbished the existing plumbing system. Around 15 Signode employees from the plant volunteered their time to monitor and bring the health center to completion and handed over the renovated washroom to the school authorities. The renovated washroom will directly benefit 86 girl children and reduce their drop-out from school.

Needs for Schools

Feeding the needy by Facilitating Nutritious Meals

Nutritious meals

We partnered with The Akshaya Patra Foundation and the Sir Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust where the attempt was to feed children in India who lack the means but have the zeal to learn and achieve. By feeding them one wholesome breakfast and mid-day-meals, we gave them the nourishment and motivation they needed to pursue an education for a better future.  

We also sponsored a vehicle to The Akshaya Patra Foundation to  facilitate distribution of the mid-day-meals to the schools across the length and breadth of the city. This sponsored vehicle will can cater to the needs of underprivileged girls and boys from diverse social & cultural backgrounds, different villages and communities. This support will impact lives of India’s future generation, who have no access to basic needs for their over-all development and help in continuing their education. Our support provided 3,56,607 mid-day meals and nutritious breakfast for 11,365 children studying on Government schools.

Inspire Institute of Sport, PAN India

Inspired by governing standards of Centres of Sports Excellence across the world, the Inspire Institute of Sport has structured its programs with a 360-degree holistic approach, leading to overall development, sustainability and empowerment of the athletes. The four interconnected disciplines of Education & Skill development, Coaching, Sports Science and Elite Athlete Management, makes IIS a unique proposition in the Indian sporting ecosystem. Our support will develop world class Indian athletes capable of winning the country medals at the pinnacle of winning sporting success: The Olympic Games. 

Sports awards

Educational support for Girl children, Shamshabad

Education for Girls

Through the Project we reached out to vulnerable individuals within our communities, by focusing on the girl-child education. 

We prioritized supporting 45 girl children to pursue their school and college education without dropping out. We facilitated in paying for their final semester fee to complete their academic year. 

The girl children were enrolled into Government, private schools and colleges pursuing their education and are assisted by home tuitions.