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Signode offers a complete line of equipment from stretch wrapping machines, pallet wrappers, stretch film, and stretch hood machines. We design our products to help you improve your packaging efficiency and safety. We have a wide range of products to suit your needs including:

Signode Stretch & Pallet Wrapping Machines & Consumable Film

We provide a comprehensive portfolio of automatic pallet wrapping machines, our wrapping equipment both available with automatic and semi automatic models. Signode is home to well known industry brands including Lachenmeier® providing a range of stretch hooding equipment as well as Octopus® bringing automatic stretch machines to the market.

We have many different types of stretch film, oriented films and agricultural film available including film from a Signode brand Mima Films. Our machines and film are available to be used with the relevant pre stretch required to bring the best quality pre stretch on your pallet loads. We offer film to handle many environmental conditions including providing stretch film focused on puncture resistance as well as wrap to handle heavy loads and high volumes of UV; the Signode team can assist to find the best oriented or stretch film roll for your business. 

Signode Stretch Systems Brands 

Signode Brands are well known in the wrapping industry and provide specialism in ring stretch wrapping and hooding machines. Find out more about their portfolios and the brands below. 

Signode Experienced in Wrapping

Our team can help you find the correct wrapping film and machine for your business based on the desired wrapping patterns. This mechanism will suggest where to reinforce the film and where to add more film on the load for better stability. Offering both automatic stretch wrappers and semi automatic machines for a packaging line Signode can find the solution for you. Our team will look if you would be best suited with a machine solution, simply require hand film or shrink wrap. Automatic pallet and semi automatic stretch wrappers work in your production line and can be integrated into any facility, find out more how we integrate our systems and automate your packaging line

fully closed hoodFully Closed Hoodfilm sleeveFilm Sleevereinforced wrappingReinforced Wrappingshort hoodShort Hood
Type A
Regular Shaped Load
irregular shaped loadType B
Irregular Shaped Load
unstable loadType C Unstable Loadsingle package loadSingle Package Load

We have equipment for wrapping pallets of all kinds. This includes fully cubed loads, irregular loads, and even just a single box on a pallet. Signode is a great choice. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services. Update your packaging line with a Signode stretch wrapping system, find out how we can support your businesses packaging line. 

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