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Mima Films

Part of Signode, the Mima Films brand of stretch film has been developed over the last decades to meet the ever changing market requirements. With production sites in Belgium and Ireland, we are delivering our product range within Europe. Mima Films products help you to optimize your packaging journey by supporting protection and containment of pallets throughout the supply chain enabling your products to arrive 'as made’.

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We are committed to finding effective and consistent solutions for containment of pallets of any shapes and sizes  


Research and development driven to build efficient film


Reduction of primary and secondary packaging substrates has driven us to develop new ranges  

POP Centre - Testing facility

Using Signode as your film provider you can trust in our testing and quality procedures. With quality centres based in Europe consumers have access to the tool which is most optimised to their packaging needs. Our Pallet Optimisation Program studies the wrapping cycle on the pallet to suggest the best film suited to protecting your business needs. Tests including vibration test, tilt test, water resistance tests and G-force tests can be performed on site in our European plants. 

POP Centre

Mima films


Product innovation is key for the Mima Films product range and one of our ambitions is to bring cost reduction in the industry and promote the development of new more economical and more efficient films. One of these environmental challenges has led to the creation of coreless reels award winning innovation bringing reduction in waste, carbon, and the water footprint of our customers.  

Packaging Management Contract  

Packaging Management Contract (PM) is a operational leasing solution, featuring all inclusive contract including stretch film, wrapping machine and servicing (maintenance, spare parts and training).  

We rent the equipment for a fixed monthly fee defined in our leasing agreement and deliver:  

  • Optimised cost per pallet stretch-wrapping line 
  • Quality and consistency 
  • Flexibility, no investment, no long term commitment
  • Simplified administration (provision of budget planning)
Wrapping in progress
mima film range

Oriented Selling System (OSS) 

OSS is a solution involving the rental of semi-automatic machine, spare parts as well as the supply of oriented film. OSS is designed to improve working conditions within logistical warehouses. 


  • Climawrap oriented film is designed to provide the perfect ventilation allowing your products to breathe. Available in both hand and machine film.

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  • Mimalite® oriented wrapping film designed for both hand and machine use provides stability of pallets and unitised loads.

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  • High performance stretch film for optimal holding and pallet stability is available in blown or cast films.

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  • Medium performance stretch film available for multiple use cases and available as a cast or blown film.

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  • Standard performance stretch film is available in either cast or blown in a varied range of product lines.

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  • The LLDPE thin gauge, narrow width, oriented film is dedicated to profile wrapping via hand application and designed for lighter goods and packages without leaving any adhesive residue.

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  • Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) Film reduces the need of fossil fuels utilising re-usable materials to create stretch film. Both Stretch and Oriented PCR Film are available in EMEA. A sustainable stretch wrapping solution.

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  • This coreless oriented film has environmental benefits by reducing waste and is a cost effective sustainable packaging solution. Available for both hand and machine use.

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