Signode's Innovative Export-Worthy Packaging Solution for Heavy Equipment & Machinery at Pune Soluti

In today's market scenario, the need for a comprehensive and customized packaging solution is more critical than ever. Signode, in collaboration with our esteemed channel partner, TSW Packaging Solution in Pune, excels in delivering a one-stop solution that encompasses concept deployment by, design, analysis, manufacturing, in house testing and real world usage pattern (RWUP) testing in collaboration with the customer and ensure a final delivery as per customer specifications.

When it comes to handling, storing, and transporting heavy and bulky equipment and machinery, Signode understands the crucial role that heavy-duty export-worthy wooden packaging solutions play. To address the requirements we have meticulously designed heavy-duty boxes using a combination of heat-treated KD pine wood planks/lumbers and plywood, ensuring they can withstand loads of up to 10 MT.    

These wooden boxes offer the perfect balance of light weight and sturdiness, allowing easy transportation using forklifts, cranes, and hand trolleys. They fully comply with international norms and standards, including heat treatment requirements and other certifications necessary for export.

At Signode, we recognize the importance of reliable, durable, and compliant packaging solutions for heavy equipment and machinery. Through our innovative export-worthy packaging solution at the Pune Solution Centre, we are committed to providing exceptional quality and ensuring the safe and secure transportation of valuable assets.
Pune Solution Centre
Pune Solution Centre