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Shippers Inflation Systems quickly fill dunnage airbags to help reduce loading times, prevent over-inflation and allow for optimal pressure.
Superflow inflator inflating a paper airbag

Reduce Load Times

Fast fill times allow for maximum productivity


High accuracy digital gauge as well as our venturi inflators help attain optimal airbag pressure.

Prevent Over-Inflation

Venturi inflators help eliminate the risk of over-inflation, with appropriate pressure regulation.*

of Options

Inflators that fit your needs depending on complexity and sensitivity of product loads

Shippers Inflation Systems

Quickly fill dunnage airbags to help reduce loading times with Shippers Inflation Systems. Several inflation options are available depending on your dunnage airbag use and product loads. These Inflators come with a variety of gauges, no gauge, tips, pressure strength, plastic and metal options to fit your specific needs. Inflator options available with features to provide optimal pressure and help eliminate the risk of an airbag bursting due to overfilling.*

Digital Inflator

Digital Inflation System

The Shippers Digital Inflation System is our most accurate inflation device. This inflator has a precise digital gauge that eliminates the use of other inconsistent stick PSI gauges. Designed for the most demanding applications, the Digital Inflator can work with Shippers TurboFlow, FastFill and TX valve inflation systems while providing operators with an easy to hold, grooved handle grip.

Inflation options:

Superflow inflator

SuperFlow® Inflation System

Shippers SuperFlow inflation system offers unparalleled dunnage airbag inflation speed and an innovative features that significantly reduces inflation time and labor costs. 

Designed with the end user in mind, the SuperFlow inflation system offers unique features that prevents over-inflation. Each inflator ceases airflow to the airbag once optimal pressure is achieved; reducing the risk of an airbag bursting due to overfilling.*

Inflation options:

Used with our Zebra Sewn End / Abrasion Resistant Paper Dunnage Bags (Level 0), Lightweight Gorilla Polywoven Airbags (Level 0 & Level 1), Lightweight Zebra Paper Airbags (Level 1), Hippo Square Airbag and Flex Airbag

  • #SF1000- SuperFlow Inflator with Low Pressure Insert 
  • #SF2000- SuperFlow Inflator with High Pressure Insert #2

Fast Fill Inflation System

Fast Fill Inflation System

The Shippers Fast Fill Inflation System quickly fills dunnage bags to help reduce loading times.

The low profile inflator tips fits in smaller voids. The long hose allows users extra reach, and keeps users at a distance during inflation. Comes with a built-in air gauge to help prevent over-inflation with appropriate pressure regulation.*

Inflation options:

Used with our Heavyweight Zebra Paper Airbags

  • Mouse Tip
    The Mouse Tip slides and locks over the dunnage bag valve to ensure it does not disengage during inflation. This helps to ensure that the inflator is firmly locked in place during the inflation process.
  • BBS Tip
    The BBS Tip is made with durable rust resistant aluminum that snaps on and off the valve quickly. Consisting six ball bearings, this low profile inflator tip allows users to disengage the valve quickly, to maximize productivity at the loading dock.

Turboflow inflator

Turbo Flow Plastic Inflator (TF3000)

TurboFlow Inflation System

The Shippers Turbo Flow Inflation System is manufactured to fill dunnage bags in seconds rather than minutes. Smaller sized airbags will inflate in approximately 10 seconds or less.

Inflator options are available with features to prevent over-inflation by ceasing airflow to the airbag once optimal pressure is achieved.* Easy lock/unlock valve, enables the inflators the ability to connect quickly.

Inflation options:

Used with our Lightweight Gorilla Polywoven Airbags and Big Foot Vinyl Airbags

  • Turbo Flow Plastic Inflator (TF3000)
  • Turbo Flow Metal Inflator (HI1100)
  • Turbo Flow Gauged Inflator (TF2000)

TurboFlow metal

Turbo Flow Metal Inflator (HI1100)

TurboFlow Gauged

Turbo Flow Gauged Inflator (TF2000)

TX inflator

TX Gauged Inflator (TX2000)


TX Inflator without Gauge (HI1300)

Turbo Xtreme (TX) Inflation System

The reliable TX Inflation System quickly fills dunnage airbags to help reduce loading times.

The Digital Inflator is the most commonly used inflator for airbags with the TX valve. The TX Inflation System is also compatible with the Autoflator for heavyweight airbag applications. Other available options include the dial gauged inflator (TX2000) and metal pistol-style inflator (HI1300).

Inflation options:

Used with our Heavyweight Gorilla Polywoven Airbags

  • TX Gauged Inflator (TX2000)
  • TX Inflator without Gauge (HI1300)

*Requires appropriate airline regulation by user

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