MAX Inflator

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Signode’s new Mobile Air Xtreme MAX Inflator delivers maximum inflation speed as a completely portable dunnage airbag inflator with a light, battery operated technology.
MAX Inflator


Up to twice as fast as leaf blower style inflators


Eliminates the need for costly compressors and airlines

Dual Selectable

Choose the output pressure needed as high as 2.2 or low as 1.5 PSI


Less than 5 lbs with rubber gripping, eliminating wrist constraints

MAX Inflator Mobile Air Xtreme

The search for fast, effective, and completely portable dunnage airbag inflation is finally over. Signode’s new Mobile Air Xtreme MAX Inflator delivers maximum inflation speed with a light, battery operated technology that un-tethers your protective transit productivity and unleashes a new era of speed, reliability, and portability. Reduce costs by eliminating the need to install and maintain a compressor system. Developed by a dedicated team of the industry’s leading design engineers and protective transit specialists, discover the Mobile Air Xtreme Inflator difference.

Features and Benefits

  • Comfortable design
    Lightweight (< 5 lbs.), has a well-balanced center of gravity, and is equipped with contoured rubber gripping to provide a comfortable handling experience for the user, and helps eliminate wrist strain.
  • Selectable dual output selection
    Equipped with a selectable HI/LO output pressure switch to accommodate a variety of applications. This option allows the user to choose between a HI output pressure of 2.2 psi or a LO output pressure of 1.5 psi. The switch also comes with a cover installed to protect from inadvertent switching and allows some level of authorized control for switching.
  • No compressor/airline required
    Allows user to eliminate the need for expensive compressed air systems, and their associated airlines, thereby eliminating trip hazards from the workplace.
  • Fast inflation speed
    Superior speed that reduces the amount of time spent installing the airbag and creates more time for completion of other tasks. Twice as fast as leaf blower style inflators.
  • Double output pressure
    Increased output pressure ensures that the product is pushed to the walls and effectively secured, reducing risk of shifting in transit. Most leaf blower style inflators range from 0.8 to 1.2 psi, which runs the risk of not effectively securing the product.

Variety of Handling Options

  • Sling
  • Belt Clip
  • Lanyard
  • Holster

Variety of Accessories

  • 8" Inflator hose for extra reach
  • Inflator tip with collet for nozzle grip

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  • Automation
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