BPT Battery Powered Tools for Steel Strapping

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Signode's BPT push-type battery operated tools for steel strapping deliver high-speed operation and unparalleled performance on round and irregular shaped loads.
BPT Battery Powered Tool for Steel Strapping


Free movement throughout the plant, not “chained” to an airhose


Usable in both stationary and offline applications anywhere in the plant


No tripping over airhoses; electronically controlled strapping process accurately reproduces tension/sealing settings


Accurate and reproducible strap tensioning and sealing, Swiss Made Quality, Certified by DEKRA

Battery Powered Tools for Steel Strapping

The Signode BPT battery tools deliver highspeed operation and unparalleled performance for steel strapping applications. Complete with an ergonomic design and multiple performance enhancing features, they improve productivity for a wide range of applications – both stationary and mobile anywhere in the plant.

Features and Benefits

Maximizes reliability
No more variation due to fluctuations in the air system – high performance battery and brushless motor technology provides an electronically controlled and reproducible strapping process. Intelligent features include real time indication of the strapping status and visual and acoustic signals.

Simplifies operation
The BPT tools have an intuitive touchscreen user interface and allow a quick and comfortable adjustment of the strapping parameters depending on the package and even offer selectable manual, semi or fully automatic operation modes and a favourite setting.

Increases Efficiency
Up to 500 cycles per battery charge allow seamless and continuous operation with full mobility throughout the plant, not restricted by the reach of air hoses or air quality.

Mobile and reliable industrial performance
The BPT tool allows reproducible strapping applications with unlimited mobility and without the tripping hazards and limitations of air systems.


For outstanding reliability
Industry proven high quality tool
Protective and ergonomic design

For easy and fast operation
Digital user interface with touch pad adjustment
Favorite strapping function

For excellent and consistent performance
Real time indication of applied tension force
E-controlled strapping process

Technical Specifications BPT-H32

Tension force range2000 - 7500 N
Tension speed75 mm/s
Seal typedouble notch
Strap width19, 25, 32 mm

Technical Specifications BPT-L19

Tension force range
400 - 3000 N
Tension speed
135 mm/s
Seal type
single notch
Strap width
13, 16, 19 mm

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