Form Koruyucu Ambalaj

Founded in 1989, Form Koruyucu Ambalaj is a Turkish manufacturer of protective environmentally friendly packaging products. Providing quality, reliability, delivery on time and competitive prices, our company can easily meet special consumer demands due to importance it attaches to R&D and flexibility policy it implements in production process. 

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Quality Certification

Holding the ISO 9001 quality certificate since 2002, can ensure ‘’unlimited customer satisfaction’’ thanks to its far-sighted management strategies.

A Protective Portfolio

Manufacturing a diverse range of protective products, Form Koruyucu Ambalaj is dedicated to finding the right solution for all customers.

Proud to Deliver

Form Koruyucu Ambalaj is dedicated to ensuring customer orders are timely and up to expectations.

Testing and Reliability

Using a testing centre, products are tested on resistance, tension and other metrics before being brought to market.

Testing Centre 

In the laboratory testing on pressure resistance, breaking and moisture resistance of the produced cardboard corner protectors and other products happen. In addition, PH, Brookfield viscosity, solid matter determination, Gaschromatography tests and balloon studies of acrylic emulsions are carried out.

Testing Centre

Form Location

Diverse Product Portfolio

Form Koruyucu Ambalaj has a diverse protective product portfolio from edge protection solutions, sheets and separators, airbags and cardboard cores. Make sure to get in touch to find out more about the product offerings. Providing, Seal Pad, Roll Protectors, Side Covers for coil protection when on a pallet. Additionally, Pallet Caps, C Profile and Flatboard to suit wider protective needs for your products. 

Featured Products

  • Angleboard and Anglewrap laminated paperboard corner protectors provide sustainable product and pallet protection for a variety of markets and applications.

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  • High technology grinding and polishing lines offer very sensitive ‘’smooth surface cardboard cores’’ to plastic film industry.

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  • Concrete tubes the ideal cylindrical column solution.

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  • Dunnage bags produced with an outer layer of polywoven and inner bladder made from high quality PE film.

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  • Reusable and recyclable, slip sheets offer a durable, space saving, pallet replacement. An excellent alternative to wood pallets.

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  • Strong board to support separation of products on a pallet or internal packaging solution.

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  • Seal Pad, Roll Protectors, Side Cover, C Profile, Pallet Caps and Flatboard are specialist products designed for unique packing requirements.

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