Signode produces a wide range of innovative protective packaging solutions for industrial and commercial use. Signode's Celcor brand has over twenty years of history providing sustainable solutions that minimize waste and resource consumption. The Celcor brand utilizes the Angleboard® product portfolio providing a unique approach that enables us to address consumer requirements though custom industry solutions and diverse product range. 

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Sustainably Driven

Manufactured using recycled materials

Innovative Solutions

Reduce use of secondary packaging while still protecting products

Shipment Protection

Protects products during the transportation cycle

Custom Designed

We create a specific pack-out for you product needs

Celcor Sustainable Approach

Signode's Celcor brand offers a wide range of protective packaging products that are manufactured using recycled materials, making our Celcor products 100% recyclable for the end user. Our pack-out designs are created to help customers reduce their use of secondary packaging while still protecting their products during the rigorous transportation cycle. 

Celcor Angleboard

Featured Products

  • Angleboard and Anglewrap laminated paperboard corner protectors provide sustainable product and pallet protection for a variety of markets and applications.

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  • APXboard laminated paper packaging is a paperboard made of multiple plies of recycled paper formed into a rigid right angle. Ideal for unitization and edge protection.

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  • Helps unitize and reinforce your pallet load.

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  • Pallet Frame is a preformed, one-piece, laminated paperboard frame used for edge protection and unitization. Pallet Frame remains in place making it easy to apply stretch wrap or strapping.

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  • Laminated paper strap edge protectors improve tension transmission of strapping and afford product edge protection from strapping damage.

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