Bates Cargo Pack

Bates Cargo-Pak

Signode have built up an exceptional know-how within cargo protection. We refine and develop products for securing transport on an ongoing basis so that product quality and safety are always top-notch. Bates Cargo-Pak inflatable airbags have been used to secure cargo throughout the world – in all climatic conditions – since 1975.

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Sustainability Focused

The airbags are made from recyclable materials and can be disposed of with minimal impact on the environment. The component materials manufactured in a state of the art facility with wind farmed energy are easy to separate, recycle and dispose of.

A Global Brand

Signode's Bates Cargo-Pak brand is recognised in over fifty countries a leading provider of airbags around the world.

The "Original" Airbag

Created in 1975 the valve systems on all our dunnage bags and over 40 years' experience cannot be denied when choosing airbags, systems and advice of the best quality.

Economic Cargo Protection

The price of the airbag is actually the smallest factor in the total economic picture. Most essential is the time saved loading and unloading, minimizing damage complaints, compensation claims from customers and the loss of goodwill.

Multiple Transportation Types

Bates Cargo-Pak airbags can be used in multiple transit scenarios, by container on rails, ships or trucks. When cargo is moved via train the sharp forces of coupling and decoupling make securing loads essential, inflatable airbags absorb the sudden jolts from coupling and the tremors and vibrations. Similarly when on the sea, a high friction value provides the airbags stay put – even over very long distances and in rough seas. Finally when on the road, sudden turns and breaking mean the airbag needs to perform to protect cargo from damages. 

Bates Cargo Airbags in Transit
Via Container

Container Cargo Bags

Involving a combination of road, ship and rail transport container transportation can influence the cargo in diverse conditions. Airbags secure the product in place fitting in the precise gaps. 

Via Truck

Truck Cargo Bags

Travelling on road, sharp turns, sudden breaks and roundabouts all have an impact on your cargo. Airbags protect the cargo in a flexible way and also during multiple loading and unloading times. 

Via Rail

Railroad Cargo Bags

During travel on rail, coupling and decoupling forces large metal against metal contact, the airbags absorb the sudden jolts and tremors via track shifting and rail transportation of goods. 

Via Ship

Shipping Cargo Bags

At sea airbags and cargo must withstand high stresses from various weather conditions to rough seas. The high friction value of Bates Cargo Pak airbags look to keep the airbag in place, protecting cargo. 

Bates Cargo Patented Valve

High Quality Valve System

A high-quality and effective valve system support the inflatable airbags remain “airtight”, even over the longest of hauls. All the valves across the product portfolio allow very quick inflation. The reuse valve can be opened and closed numerous times, thus the airbag can be used over and over again. The flex valve can be turned 360 degrees, which makes it possible to inflate from all angles. All valves are very user friendly in loading situations.

Our Vision

Signode's, Bates Cargo-Pak range intend to be the front runner when it comes to transport. Focused on solutions which are value for money, maintaining global standards as well as being a environmentally conscious supplier of consistently high quality airbags. Based on decades of experience within the field of cargo protection. The mission is to minimize transport damage with inflatable airbags which can be sustained in all transit conditions.  

Bates Airbags Overview

Bates Cargo Pak Products

  • Suitable for loads up to 9 tons. Ideal for container or road transportation.

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  • Airbags suitable for loads up to 12 tons.

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  • Heavy airbags for loadings which require additional protection. Re-usable airbags that can be used on rail wagons and reefer ships.

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  • Re-usable airbags which can work for loads up to 14 tons.

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  • Used to secure cargo which is at risk of being exposed on loads up to 23 tons.

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  • Suitable for loads up to 9 tons. Ideal for container or road transportation.

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