Dacro BV

Dacro B.V.

Signode offers a large portfolio of Dacro branded container liners, safety sheets and bulk sheets worldwide. Our container liners are easy to install and provide simple loading and discharging features. Signode container liners are suitable for the bulk transportation of pellets and powders.

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Providing efficient container bulk solutions with HDPE woven and PE Film Container Liners

Added Value

World-wide technical support on-site by training and optimisation, both during installation, loading and as well during unloading at the receiver site


With two production units in China, one in Indonesia and one in India, we can secure a short lead-time. Our large total production capacity ensures continuity in supply


Over 25 years of experience in the production, technical design and supply of container liners world-wide

About Dacro B.V.

Over 25 years of experience in production, technical design and supply of container liners globally. Signode brand Dacro B.V. alongside Caretex® and Prime Bulk Liners provides multiple container liner solutions globally. We have a global presence with production units in China, India and Indonesia to fulfil your products as fast as possible with a short lead time. Besides our woven container liners we provide PE film container liners, Safety Sheets and Bulk Sheets for transit load protection.

Dacro HDPE Liner

Bulk Liner for Trailers

Dacro Bulk Liners

Signode only uses high-purity, resin for all container liners. We provide the most innovative designs methods in the industry. All designs are completed "in house" using a sophisticated Computer Aided Design (CAD) system. Our Liners are ideal for ocean containers and over-the-road trailers to the petrochemical, food and minerals industry. With options of multiple loading types and liner innovation, we are confident we can provide the right container bulk liners for you.