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The Signode SIG-VCS is an automatic corrugated squaring bundler for high speed bundling.
SIG-VCS in use


Up to 32 bundles per minute to maximize production capacity

Lowest Cost
of Ownership

Robust machine design coupled with low maintenance simplicity to minimize costs


Intuitive icon-driven controls enable fast bundle set-up


XL coils, quick-change dispensers, auto-bundle teach and auto-refeed technology minimize downtime for continuous strapping

SIG-VCS Automatic Squaring Bundler

The SIG-VCS automatic squaring bundler provides high speed bundling capabilities. The VCS comes complete with a range of features to ensure continuous strapping and maximum uptime.

Features and Benefits

  • Minimizes production interruptions
    The SIG-VCS has standard built-in features to keep production downtime to a minimum. Set-up time can be performed in under a minute or faster with the auto-bundle teach option. Extra long strap coils with nearly 42% more strap coupled with quick-change dispensers reduce coil changeover frequency and downtime.
  • Simplifies maintenance requirements
    For easy troubleshooting, the SIG-VCS is equipped with patented easy access strap guides that require no tools for entry. Plus, a segmented strap chute with a lifetime warranty on the flaps and one wear part eliminate costly repairs and maintenance downtime. Service interval notifications alert operators to scheduled machine maintenance recommendations.
  • Provides production versatility
    The SIG-VCS can accommodate production changes quickly and easily. Integrated features for low-tension packages like a low-tension setting and strap ejector help ensure maximum package reliability despite changing production needs.

SIG-VCS Options

  • Automatic bundle stops
  • Auto-bundle teach
  • Spare magnetic strap dispenser
  • Spare parts kit
  • Industrial interlock kit
  • High leg kit (40" to 49")
  • Low leg kit (25.2" to 31")
  • Dual coils with automatic strap change

Technical Specifications

Cycle Rate Per Minute* (Max)Up to 32 bundles without squaring Up to 25 bundles with squaring
Conveyor SpeedVariable from 0.19 m to 0.98 m (.65 to 3.2 ft/sec)
Strap TensionVariable up to 311 N ( 70 lbs)
Strap MaterialPolypropylene 5 mm embossed
Strap Seal MethodHeat seal
Electrical Requirement460 Volt, 16 AMP, 60 Hz
Environmental Condition+5° to +45° Celsius (40° to 110° Fahrenheit)

* Based on package size L 300 mm x W 250 mm x H 250 mm, conveyor speed 0,8 m/s, strap tensioning setting 3

Machine Dimensions

Frame Size W X H
1650 mm x 600 mm (65" x 23")
Part Number
Total Width Including Strap Coil
2566 mm (101")
Total Height
2032 mm to 2260 mm (80" to 89")
Inner Frame Height With Press Bar500.38 mm (19.7")
Tabletop Height
787.4 mm to 1016 mm (31" to 40")
Front Stopper Distance
152.4 mm to 1676.4 mm (6" to 66")
Arch Width
2110.74 mm (83.1")
Squaring Plate Difference
115 mm to 1650 mm (4.4" to 65")
776 kg (1710 lbs)
Bundle Width
100 mm to 1650 mm (3.9" to 65")
Bundle Height
20 mm to 480 mm (0.8" to 18.9")
Bundle Length
150 mm 2500 mm (6" to 98.4")
Bundle Weight (Max)
50 kg (110 lbs)

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