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Signode Strapping Systems, the leader in strapping solutions. We offer a wide range of products, including semi and automatic strapping machines, handheld tools, consumables including Tenax ® PET strapping and Apex ® steel strapping. 

We are committed to providing our customers with the high quality strapping solutions to meet their needs. Whether you're looking for a simple solution for securing a few boxes or a more complex system for palletizing heavy loads, we have the strapping products and services you need. We also offer a variety of accessories, such as strapping tools, stretch wrappers, and strapping cutters. 

Sustainability in Strapping

Signode provides PET, PP and Steel strapping solutions, all of which have their own sustainability properties. Steel can be recycled into new products without losing any of its strength or durability. Signode provides sustainable version PP, with Bio and PCR products available; PET strapping is manufactured from recycled materials. Signode is committed to providing sustainable packaging products. Contact us today to learn more about our strapping products and services. 

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Signode Strapping Line

Choosing the Right Strapping for You

It is important to find the right strapping solution for your business our team can support your business to identify the ideal strap for you.

PET (Polyester) Strap

PET Strap

Lite to Heavy duty application, an alternative to steel strapping.

PP (Polypropylene) Strap

PP Strap

Lite to Medium duty applications.

Steel Strap

Steel Strap

Heavy duty applications and hot products.