Raptor Plus 79

Highly efficient wrapping machines , equipped with a device for pre-stretching of the film (PPS) that ensures minimum film consumption.
Raptor Plus

Maximizes Throughput

Wraps up to 35 pallets per hour depending on model, load size and wrap pattern.

Robust Construction

Robust and reliable mechanical structure, easy to install, operate and maintain.

Maximizes Uptime

Quick and simple film loading, film is placed in the middle of the carriage and threaded through threading slot.

Simplifies Operation

Store up to 4 different wrapping programs to streamline operation for different pallet sizes.

The Raptor Plus 79 Wrapping Machine

The Raptop Plus 79 semi-automatic wrapping machine are highly efficient wrapping machines, equipped with a pre-stretching device that can stretch film up to 300% helping to ensure the economic film consumption without compromising performance. The Raptor Plus machine range benefit from a number of built in safety features such as soft start and stop of the turntable and an internal film carriage, this helps to provide increased operator safety when the machine is in and out of operation. In addition to the step-less control of both the turntable and film carriage speed the Raptor Plus also features a photocell that can automatically detect wrapping height and allow operators to pause and restart the film application process at the same point on the pallet. The Raptor Plus 79 features the largest diameter turntable in the Raptor range at 79 inches, it can also help to streamline operations by storing up to 4 programmable wrapping modes helping to increase uptime and ensure consistent wrapping on all of your pallets.

Features and Benefits

  • Adjustable number of top and bottom wraps to ensure pallet stability
  • Film carriage housed within tower to ensure operator safety
  • Soft start and stop feature to help prevent product damage
  • Fewer wear parts make it economical to maintain

Technical Specifications

Capacity15 - 25 pallets/hour
Wrapping Height (min.)2 3/8"
Wrapping Height (max.)115 3/8"
Rotation Speed1 - 11rpm
Machine Weight1,080lbs
Pallet Dimensions (max.)40" x 48" x 114"
Pre-Stretch Level230% Standard
Operating Temperatures40 - 100°F
Operating HumidityUp to 76%
Power Supply110 - 120V

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