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A modular, stand-alone system that provides through-the-eye stretch wrapping.
mk1 in use around coils
mk1 shuttle


Provides superior protection against damage and corrosion


High-capacity shuttle holds larger film rolls to reduce downtime from coil changeovers


Available with multiple options to optimize efficiency for any operation


Manufactured with few wear parts and quick-change gears to minimize downtime

MK1 CoilMaster Protective Wrapping System

The MK1 CoilMaster is a modular, stand-alone system that provides through-the-eye wrapping of coils for the metals industry. Application of two layers of film, one outer layer and one inner layer, holds ancillary packaging products in place, while helping to maintain the moisture resistance and integrity of the overall package. The result is stability and package protection throughout the transportation cycle.

Features and Benefits

  • Suitable for a variety of applications
    From corrosion inhibiting films to woven wrapping, the MK1 CoilMaster applies a variety of protective films making it ideal for a wide range of applications.
  • Built-in features maximize uptime
    MK1 CoilMaster has integrated features designed to maximize uptime. It detects out-of-film conditions and automatically clamps a new roll of film to resume production without delays.
  • Minimizes downtime while providing maximum protection
    Unlike other systems, the MK1 CoilMaster features a high-capacity shuttle that accommodates rolls with up to 55% more film than traditional rolls, reducing downtime from coil changeovers. Its uniquely designed rollers maximize pre-stretch levels, reducing slack for efficient application and superior air and moisture resistance.

Optional Equipment

  • Automatic edge protection applicators
  • Twin shuttles to apply different films simultaneously
  • Shuttle track system
  • PLC controller
  • Label applicator magazine
  • Laser scanner
  • Heat seal device
  • HMI touchscreen menu
  • Machine indexing
  • Electrical actuator

Technical Specifications

Electrical Requirements
480V 3 Ph 60 Hz 400V 3 Ph 50 Hz
Coil Dimensions
Inner Coil
609 mm, 508 mm and 406 mm (24", 20" and 16")
Outer Coil
812 mm to 2438 mm (32" to 96" )
Coil Widths
762 mm to 2362 mm (30" to 93")
251 mm (9.9")
300 mm (11.8")
Roll Length
Approximately 610 m (2,000') Depending on film thickness
mk1 stretch film

Solution Group

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  • Services
  • Integration
  • Automation
  • pack
  • bundle
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